Punky Loses Its Power

Kristen Bell who plays Veronica Mars on the CW’s self titled show has undergone a makeover, and she will now be wearing less leather and spiky hair and has found the power of a beige suit.

“Don’t call it mainstream. It’s simply that she doesn’t feel the need to spike her hair up and wear so much black leather and stuff that’s tough. A lot of kids dress to conceal themselves a little bit … Veronica dressed really tough because she felt hurt and vulnerable and dressed to try to combat that. But now I think she’s sort of accepting who she is; she’s not feeling the need to be so punky.” Bell explains.

The 26 year old actor plays the 19 year old college bound Veronica manages to gain more positive reviews than ratings. The scripts are also going to change with the wardrobe this season, but the character dynamic will remain the same.

“It’s just one of those X factors, that’s inexplicable. You either have that wonderful charm and humor and insightfulness, or you don’t. She’s very funny, and I marvel at some of the lines she pulls off with such offhandedness. She’s just a kick-ass chick who wants to restore order in the world (even) if it kills her.” Enrico Colantoni, who plays the part of Veronica’s dad, gushed.

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Written by Cara Harrington

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