A Pug And A Human Enjoy A Slap Fight [VIDEO]

January 24th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Annoyed Pug Slap Fights Human
The Cutest Animal Video Ever Of The Day

I can only play this game for so long before I need to do something about it!

Plus, a really cute Dutch ad featuring a dog, one very hungry hamster, a lesson in cat bullying and a hungry cat. Watch those videos below!

Dog Or Volkswagen?

That Sure Is Some Appetite!

Do Not Bully Your Elders

A Homeless Cat Finds The Perfect Feeding Place

Cats vs Rice Cooker
Two Cats Vs Rice Cooker
What is this steam? Watch »
Mama's Coming!
Baby Panda Rescued By Mother
A mother Koala helps out her baby. Watch »
Cat vs Puppies
Puppies Vs Kitty
Find out who won the epic battle! Watch »
By Michael Prieve

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