Puck And Santana Take The Gleemance Off-Camera, Mayhaps?

THIS is a match made in hell, but the fun kind of hell where pretty people with ugly souls mate.  Some would refer to this type of hell as high school.  On the best show since Gossip Girl, Puck and Santana dabble in the occasional sext and possessive death stare (The Boy Is Mine duet really put her on the map).  Pray tell, might they be the poor man’s Zac and VanessaPage Six’s spies report that Mark Salling and Naya Rivera were quite the item while dining at SushiSamba with friends.  Though reps for both actors deny any sort of kissy-face, the spy claims otherwise.

“Mark and Naya only had eyes for each other and left before everyone else in their party.”

Fowl, cried a source, for Salling was only there with his reps and other clients.

Who to believe?  Since this is Hollywood and attractive people move towards each other like moths to a flame, let’s go with the spy.  It’s almost summer, and time to have a fling.  Go forth, Salling and Rivera.  Go forth and date.

Speaking of summer, who has tickets for the Glee tour? The gang belted it out at the Gibson Amphitheater last Thursday in Universal City.  Oh, to hear Hello live.