Psy’s Gangnam Style: Which Singer Learned The Dance?

Time For A Revolution
Awesome dance sequence from the newest Step Up movie!
Dancing Queen
Ellen dances for everyone, even the paparazzi!
No, this isn’t an outtake from The Hangover. Mr. Chow hasn’t incorporated a new dance into his lifestyle. When I first saw this new, fun, and somewhat confusing video, I was so sure it was a sneak preview of the newest movie. Another thought was that this was some sort of promotion for horseback riding. The moves do seem to mimic that action, so it’s easy to get confused.

Various interesting people make this video even more fun. Someone doing a hip thrust similar to the ones featured in the “Sexy and I Know It” music video make this even more amusing.

All the bright colors and the rave-like dance music make this even more exciting. Most people will probably know at least a few moves soon enough. As long as you can gallop, you can do the dance.

In just under three months, Psy earned himself over 145,000,000 views! Most people only dream of getting that many people to look at their videos. Think the man really looks familiar? That’s because he hosted the Video Music Awards along with Kevin Hart. Celebrities seem to be fascinated by him. One in particular has been promoting him and was surprised to learn the dance. Just who was the lucky singer?

Britney Spears, of course! The iconic singer was recently on Ellen and Psy was mentioned. He made an appearance at the show and taught the singer how to do his dance. When she learned he was there, her face was priceless! It almost looked as if the thought of learning the dance filled her with terror. Who would think that Spears would be scared of learning something new?

Watch Degeneres and Spears learning the fast-paced dance below.