Psy Performs ‘Gangnam Style’ On ‘Ellen’ [VIDEO]

Dancing Queen
Britney Spears dances with Psy on Ellen.
Wedding Edition
Check out this adorable Gangnam Style parody!
By now most people probably have heard about Psy’s “Gangnam Style”. Celebrities like Britney Spears have promoted the song. The other week on Ellen, the singer even learned how to do the dance straight from the creator himself.

Dozens of parodies are floating around the internet. People are finding ways to incorporate this dance any way they can. Next thing we know, flash mobs will be using it.

This song has been receiving about the same attention “Call Me Maybe” has, if not more. The original video has 226,615,406 views at the moment. It has only bee on Youtube for about two months! How insane is that?!

Do you love “Gangnam Style”, or do you feel it’s a little overrated?