Proofs In The Pudding For Justin Timberlake’s Acting

January 26th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Grammy and Emmy winning  Justin Timberlake (did you realize he won an Emmy for “Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for SNL? I didn’t even know that was a category), can hopefully up his salary requests as he has been named Harvard Hastings Pudding Theatricals 2010 “Man of the Year”, by the nations oldest undergraduate drama club.

This years “Woman of the Year” was Anne Hathaway and previous winners include Rene Zellweger and James Franco. Coincidentally Timberlake’s next movie The Social Network, about the creators of facebook, is set at Harvard.  He will be honored with the award at a roast on February 5th.

Okay I know you guys went to Harvard, but are you really cocky enough to try and roast Justin?  I mean, you don’t actually know the guy and you’re going to rag on him for almost crying on Punked at a dinner? For goodness sakes do it from behind a screen like the rest of us. 

Here is what I can only assume is Justin’s trench coated alter-ego at Jay-Z‘s concert benefit for 9/11 at MSG on September 11,  2009.  You can see the wound on his lip from he was battling LA’s villains as super denim man.

By Madison Ventura

  1. simone

    Hes still a douche of the highest order…Yesterday there was an article regarding him going to see Radiohead. I wounder if he ever gets embarrassed with the crap he calls music when he sees real musicians?

  2. tristan

    we will see if he gets an oscar for social network, here is a funny joke I saw about justin timberlake

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