Project Runway Winner Pretends to Be Homeless

August 7th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Apparently, season one winner of the Heidi Klum-hosted reality TV fashion design challenge, Jay McCarroll, told New York magazine in a recent interview that he was homeless and without a job in sight as a joke. And, they printed it, and…hilarity ensues! Cause it’s supposed to be funny. Get it? Yeah, me neither. Apparently, Jossip was tipped off to the fact that the article in New York mag was completely bogus by a tipster, who said:

Mischievous fashion designer and Project Runway first season winner Jay McCarroll stunned friends, family and co-workers today with the arrival of the new issue of New York Magazine. Apparently, the ever-joking McCarroll told the New York writer that he was homeless and she not only believed it, but wrote about it in the issue of New York that hit newsstands today.

I’m awash with two distinct emotions right now, confusion and apathy. I wonder if I had actually watched that season, if I would understand why this is supposed to be hilarious.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Mike

    First Season winner…………………..what happened to the $$$$$$$$$$$$$……….otherwise, you have to get a job……………………thats the breaks…….Mike

  2. desertboy

    This big a’hle was too big a talent to accept the $100,000 contract he won. He decided to go it alone and start his own label. Remember his very brief reality show about that? Me neither. It flopped. Just like his attempt to start his own label.

  3. babyjane

    Who cares? Just a bunch of wannabe drama queens who, if they really had any actual talent, wouldn’t need a “reality” show. Heidi speaks not with an accent, but more like a speech impediment, and the rest of the judges are just as stupid-sounding. The contestents themselves dress as though they stopped by a dumpster to find their own clothes, so any possibility that they might ever be taken seriously as fashion icons goes down the tubes the minute you see them.

  4. Andy

    I bet mom and dad are real happy they put all that money out for junior’s degree in fashion design.

    This gives the westwood schools a bad name..

    I also puts the whole celeb, fashion world in the right perspective… pointless and useless…

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