Project Runway Winner Pretends to Be Homeless

Apparently, season one winner of the Heidi Klum-hosted reality TV fashion design challenge, Jay McCarroll, told New York magazine in a recent interview that he was homeless and without a job in sight as a joke. And, they printed it, and…hilarity ensues! Cause it’s supposed to be funny. Get it? Yeah, me neither. Apparently, Jossip was tipped off to the fact that the article in New York mag was completely bogus by a tipster, who said:

Mischievous fashion designer and Project Runway first season winner Jay McCarroll stunned friends, family and co-workers today with the arrival of the new issue of New York Magazine. Apparently, the ever-joking McCarroll told the New York writer that he was homeless and she not only believed it, but wrote about it in the issue of New York that hit newsstands today.

I’m awash with two distinct emotions right now, confusion and apathy. I wonder if I had actually watched that season, if I would understand why this is supposed to be hilarious.