Project Runway: Way Longer.

July 17th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Tim Gunn fans of the world rejoice!! Project Runway is getting longer-by half an hour! However, the spin-off show Models of the Runway, which focused on the designer’s models in the competition, has been axed and the extra minutes added to the fabulous main show Project Runway.

Unfortunately the extra thirty minutes will not be filled with Tim Gunn peering over the tops of his glasses and stating “Designers, make it work”. According to Heidi Klum, pictured here on July 16, 2010 having a stroll in Manhattan with her beautiful brood, the extra thirty minutes will allow the show to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes but it won’t change the structure of the show at all.

“I think people wanted to see more. We got a lot of letters,” Klum explains. “People would always say to us, ‘Why did you make this decision? We don’t understand why this person had to go or this person.”

The eight season starts off with crazy competition instead of champagne, Klum explains; “This time we started with 17 designers and we met at Lincoln Center, which is going to be the place where Fashion Week is going to move to from the Park. So I give them a last challenge and then whoever does not make it through that challenge will officially not be on the show and will not move into the apartment. So we did give them a last twist before they unpacked their bags.”

As well as this, the show promises the usual fabulous guest stars such as Selma Blair, who Klum said was hilarious and Irish milliner to the stars, Philip Treacy. He sets the designers a near impossible challenge-to design an outfit that goes with a selection of his most outrageous hats.
Design, drama and Tim Gunn. Roll on Thursday, July 29!

By Siobhan Mayling Lam

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