Project Andrae Gonzalo

December 21st, 2005 // 2 Comments

He’s one of the seven gays (five remaining on this season’s Project Runway). And he’s one big hot mess. The crying fit, the blond wig debate, the fluttering and flailing of his arms. He’s my eccentric favorite of the season.

Andraé Gonzalo believes that a love of fashion need not only be the sole propriety of the superficial and the dim. Born, reared, and educated in Los Angeles, California, Gonzalo attributes his philosophy of design to his city’s weather patterns. He maintains that in Los Angeles, clothing speaks of the wearer’s identity, never saying merely that “it’s cold outside”. His work revolves around an attempt to utilize the craft of sewing as both a method to create a garment and as a means for engaging in a dialog about the times in which we live. Clothes by Andrae Gonzalo attempt to go beyond being a “fabulous dress” or a “cute top that works well with jeans”. Each garment is intended to function as a living communication device that has the power to spawn intriguing conversations, or simply just prepare you to meet your fashion arch-nemesis. (via Bravo)

(Photos via fourfour – you must check out last weeks recap as well.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GirlyGirl

    Project Runway is my FAVORITE show on TV right now… the drama, the clothes, the catfights….

    This guy? The most ANNOYING human on the planet right now. He gives queers SUCH a bad name… his overly-dramatic hystrionics are just obnoxious. And everything is just so fucking serious… except his walk. Which is more like a cross between a skip and an epileptic seizure. But the bottom line? His clothes suck. And Heidi needs to ‘Auf Wiedersehane’ his scrawny ass ASAP.

    Here’s the skinny on a few of the other fucktards:

    Kara Janx: talentless drama queen. Barbie hat, anyone? Gawd, vote her ass off already….

    Santos: decent designs (very intricate- beautiful detail), asshole personality

    Nick Verreos: best designer on the show

    Daniel Franco: sentitmental fav from last year and the guy you;d want to dress you for the Oscars if you had 3 months to wait for him to put your dress together… the tortoise from the The Tortoise & the Hare is faster…

    Judge Nina Garcia: fucking awesome. Calls ugly ‘ugly’ and right to its face…

    Judge Michael Kors: SHAVE ALREADY

    Heidi: the most nauseatingly beautiful pregnant chick in the history of mankind.

    And finally, TIM GUN: mentor, teacher, confidante, mediator… I LOVE TIM. Sometimes he looks at what these peeps are doing, and he just looks like he is smelling shit. It is perfect. And he is one very nice looking gay man. Tim, if you ever get the urge to play ball with the other team, look me up.

    Wednesays @ 10 on Bravo.

  2. OMG, this is my favorite show ever. i never really get into shows like i have this one, i cant wait until i can try out for this show, i hope they hate it in eight years cause right now im as good as one of them,I want to meet Andrae so bad, he is like my role model… i would just like to say that if santino could take a break and let nik have a say, i think they could have won the banana rep. episode. Daniel is the calm one, yet he is like a leader and still has his say in everything, and nik * the other half of Santino * is one of my favorites and even though i want santino out, nik shouldnt have pin pointed santino on the runway, that was juvie, any way, i luv andrae and i dont care about his breakdown, i dont care what anyone says, thats how he felt and was expressing that opinion! PEAce OuT!!! LUVIES MWAH ~Sk

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