Project Runway: The Art Of The Matter

Tim Gunn got owned by a teenager and Bert appeared human before eating his fellow contestant’s souls.

In this episode of ‘Project Runway’, contestants were asked to design avante garde runway looks inspired by pieces they made while paired up with teenage art students. That is a mouthful. The great thing about this however, is that Tim Gunn swaggered into the design room to critique everyone’s work as per usual and then a bratty little teenager shut him up real quick. It was classic. Sky who was working with Viktor, basically told Tim where to shove it and he was speechless.

Bert seemed cool for a minute when he bore his soul concerning his late partner who passed away from complications associated with AIDS. But then he became a self satisfied creep again, throwing the most confusing piece of crap on the runway in the history of the show. I’m pretty sure his model wanted to kill herself.

It’s obvious there are a few geniuses this season and I’m convinced that they come in the form of Anya and Kimberly. Anya’s outfit fit the bill of ‘avante garde’ exactly. People may not buy into the big poof structure of her bottom half and Becky can whine all she wants about Anya’s lack of sewing experience, but the girl was born to design. Not to mention that Kim is a flawless seamstress and incredibly creative. And yet, these two get hardly any attention for their work. What gives?

Viktor’s piece was underwhelming this week. Olivier had to super glue his dress to his model’s chest when he should have been super gluing her crotch shut. The poor thing was one wrong step away from showing her curtains. Olivier has potential, but he doesn’t seem like a complete natural. I know Laura was in the top three, but I didn’t agree with this decision. Her yellow flowing piece seemed reminiscent of a bad pageant dress.

I see why people like Joshua M, because he is funny, over the top and he does play up the drama, but he can’t really walk the walk. His piece was lacking and so were Becky’s square cut outs. I see what they tried to do here, but it was just so amateur.

At least Anthony Ryan won a challenge and really, his design was flawless. I definitely root for Anya and Kim, but their use of feathers was too current instead of progressive. Anthony’s design was inspired and he has deserved a win for awhile.

Bryce’s dress was just creepy. It was like the fairies on ‘Sleeping Beauty’ trying to make a dress for ‘Aurora’ without magic wands. I’m surprised there wasn’t a mop just going to town on the design room floor nearby. Joshua C took his second chance and threw it into the toilet. But seriously, why didn’t Bert go home? As Kenneth Cole explained, Bert’s outfit looked like something a ‘Teletubbie’ would wear to a party. I don’t want to know what kind of party that would be, but I’m pretty sure it involves doing hits of acid.