Project Runway: ‘Sew 70’s’ Makes America Yell At Their TVs

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more dramatic, this season of ‘Project Runway’ threw us yet another curve ball.

Even though the designers had to create a terrible flash back look for that poor band ‘The Sheepdogs’, the producers thought it would be a laugh riot to remix the theme in 70’s style. Right off the bat Anya has some kind of crisis at Mood and she loses her cash. Luckily, everyone that is nice tends to stick together and Anthony Ryan gives her his left over $11. There is all this talk about karma which will mean nothing to the audience by episode’s end.

“The plaid pants would be against every fashion law of nature in ANY decade,” said Michael Kors.

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And then, boom! Here comes a second look and $50. Anya thanked her lucky stars while Kimberly designed a secretary’s outfit and Bert went super Barbie disco. Laura took two styles and threw them together, although I don’t think it even compared to what Joshua M put on the runway. Sometimes I think the judges are on ‘the weed’ that Anthony Ryan based his boring cultish outfit on.

Tim essentially walked in and said to Laura ‘hey guuurl, don’t freak out or nothin’ but Nina Garcia totally hates your designs!’. Laura took it pretty lightly considering how direct he was. Everyone started referring to the only old person in the room, aka Bert, when researching the 70’s. I loved when he said, “What am I, some sort of history buff or something now?”

Viktor is getting catty but it’s pretty smart when you consider how completely redundant Joshua M is with his work. Viktor would not help Anya and he said of Josh, “I’m not driving you no more Miss Daisy.” This attitude didn’t exactly pay off, seeing as Viktor didn’t win the challenge and Anya did, but he makes impeccable clothing that always looks ‘luxe’, as Nina Garcia calls it.

I made sure to hit the replay button like five times when Michael Kors freaked out over Anthony Ryan’s terrible tie dyed skirt and Joshua M’s pants from 1870’s France. His facial expressions were absolutely priceless this episode. But Anthony’s poor puppy dog eyes with crocodile tears emerging were so sad! Unlike Joshua M, he didn’t say a word as his looks were torn to shreds.

Speak of the devil, Joshua M put out the ugliest high wasted plaid pants and then he had the cojones, yet again, to actually argue for them! It was like a facial expression war between Nina and Josh. Then the worst thing happened, Heidi told Joshua M, ‘You’re in’ and I screamed at my television along with the majority of the viewers across the country. While it may be true that Anthony Ryan has been struggling a bit the last couple of episodes, he was such a front runner in the beginning. And he did not have the audacity to argue for any ridiculous amount if hideous accessorizing like Joshua M. What an injustice!

You know it’s gotten bad when the one and only Tim Gunn cries! This was the saddest departing of a designer in ‘Project Runway’s’ history. And they keep on bringing the drama!