‘Project Runway’ Season Twelve Premiere Recap: ‘Sky’s The Limit’

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Right off the bat, viewers were introduced to 15 new designers and a secret comeback designer on an airfield in the middle of nowhere. For the 12th season of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the rules are changing up a bit and voters were able to bring back a designer from a past season.

The new designers waited in anticipation for the plane to land and reveal Kate from season eleven. Some called her a beyotch while others were eager to capitalize on her advice and experience.

The other reveal? This season’s prize package is worth over a half-million dollars! And Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn kicked things off by having parachuters fly in and leave their parachutes for the first unconventional fabric challenge. Designers raced to grab their choice of parachute and Kate biffed it pretty hard getting to her yellow pile.

Back at the workroom, things were getting catty right out of the gate. Apparently, Timothy and Miranda are both from Wisconsin and although Timothy acted pleased that their city of Milwaukee was represented, Miranda wasn’t happy to see him at all. And now we all know why . . .

Timothy prides himself on sustainability. He doesn’t use electricity or the sewing machine to make his garments and only uses items that are already used or at least twenty years old. Pretty admirable right? Well it would be if he didn’t contradict himself by BURNING the parachute fabric, a synthetic fiber, and send deadly toxins into the environment. After giving the makeup and hair people pure hell by demanding they forgo electronic devices like hair driers and curling irons as well as no use of makeup for his poor befuddled model, Zac Posen made sure to point out Timothy’s hypocritical burning of the fabric during his critique on the runway.

Miranda ignored Tim’s advice and used mostly supplemental fabric for her design rather than the parachute fabric she’d been instructed to use. The judges loved her look, but had to mark her down in points and give her a warning for going against instructions.

Other interesting people were Alexander, who has designed costumes for the Lion King musical, Wicked, and Marry Poppins. Alexandria is from Sweden, was a model during her teenage years and is determined to win. Dom wore beautiful long feathered earrings and seemed to be wary of Kate. Helen looks like Lady Gaga’s cousin with scary nails and tattoos, but appears pretty vulnerable. Jeremy, who left his adorable husband and two boys to join the competition. Justin, who is deaf, but doesn’t demand any special attention and doesn’t let that stop him from designing a beautiful pink dress. Kahindo, Karen, and Ken didn’t really stand out too much and we still need to get to know them.

Then there was Sandro from Russia. Scenes from next week show him blowing a gasket and demanding that the cameras quit following him. He lectured Alexandria on her humility this episode and designed a swimsuit that left nothing to the imagination. As in, the model’s vagina was totally visible and had to be censored for viewership.

Sue and Bradon both designed beautiful gowns which the judges loved. Sue used a ruching technique on her mandarin and fuchsia gown while ex-professional dancer Bradon used a billowing effect of the parachute material which wowed the judges and scored him the first win of the season.

The bottom two were Angela, whose raincoat was too short and too simple, and Timothy who made his model walk barefoot while he sported tall glittery heels. It didn’t help that he attempted to make the model do some dramatic acting bit on the runway which she was in no way comfortable with. Angela ended up getting the boot, but Timothy was chided by the judges. The producers will certainly keep him around for his pure ridiculous nonsense.