‘Project Runway’ Season Nine Premieres With A Lot Of Leg

Nothing says fashion like Heidi Klum’s thigh high slit dress and Tim Gunn’s fantastic commentary. This season premiere started off with our favorite stereotypes as well as a few surprises.

First off, let’s all just acknowledge that Heidi Klum is adorable all the time. In fact, she is completely opposite from the catty biotches included in the show every season. Danielle, I’m pointing to you and your model hoarding. Laura Kathleen seems a bit too nice to be real, but its only the first episode so we’ll see. Anya is ridiculously talented. The fact that she sleeps in a kimono pajama dress just wreaks of style. Did you hear that the designers had to make their first runway show from their cruddy old pj’s? Yeah, it got weird. But Anya nailed it with her first time silk sewing and pants creation. I wish we could say the same for Julie, who despite her efforts did not please the ever picky Nina Garcia. Talk about bad construction!

“She is wearing like a Flintstone disco patch,” said Michael Kors.

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Okay, so Michael Kors has the absolute best and most hilarious things to say while he brutally destroys the designers’ self esteem. And each of these idioms will be posted here weekly for posterity. Did ya’ll see Tim Gunn’s impeccably styled suit combo? A checked orange dress shirt with a sky blue skinny tie and a red pocket square. He definitely ‘Made it work’. I’m so glad to see that Martin Sheen is involved with another project. Oh wait, wrong older dude. I’m talking about Bert Keeter, the completely adorable winner who nailed it with that pieced eggplant variation day dress, even if he did use his gross boxer shorts. Sadly, Andre 3000 aka Rafael got the boot because of his terrible camel toe pants and the bib that Kors so lovingly referred to earlier. But luckily the producers saved Joshua Christensen, the struggling, dramatic, bawling  self proclaimed ‘Mormon’. Accident? I think not. Oh and also, bug eyed Christina Ricci was the guest judge. Meh.