‘Project Runway’ Season Eleven Finale: A Winner Is Revealed

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For week two of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the designers of Lifetime’s Project Runway were thrown into the mix of chaos whether they were ready or not. Michelle seemed the most prepared while Stanley and Patricia struggled to gather up looks for their runway show.

Stanley still had five looks to finish and kept adding more. No one realized the severity of his situation more than Michelle, who even went out of her way to make coffee for Stanley and Patricia because her work was nearly finished.

Patricia had a few looks, but Tim noticed that she needed more and her assistant Layana was worried there would be nothing to send down the runway. Tim eased the tension by sending in each of the designer’s families to visits. Patricia was happy to see her two kids, Stanley got loving hugs from his mother and partner while Michelle was elated to see her husband. But it was back to work and the chaos began.

After the designers consulted with the Loreal Paris makeup people and made sure to style and design their models, they were off to the runway at fashion week. Stanley had assistants and helpers sew models into outfits while he finished several garments. Tim Gunn was in shock, saying he’d never seen anything like it in eleven seasons of the show. Stanley also bragged a bit that his embellishments were done by little Russian ladies that he had hired back in West Hollywood. While all the designers received help, like Michelle using Joe to help design her two sweaters, this made it seem like Stanley had done nothing thus far.

Patricia had trouble with leather pants, but made more holes in them to keep the look cohesive. Her family was adorable and so excited to see her work come down the runway. Michael Kors was a guest judge and although he appreciates the work and behind the scenes that goes into these shows, he didn’t know the designers personally. He thought Patricia’s work was original, but looked artsy and not cohesive enough. He praised her blue horse hair wig and flapper style dress however.

The judges were still disappointed in Stanley’s collection, which seemed more vintage and old instead of sexy. They were happy to see he modified some of the looks, but sad that he didn’t take their advice on all the items. Zac Posen questioned Stanley’s pride and said that his arrogance got in the way of taking good advice.

The judges praised and loved Michelle’s collection, which had so many pieces to be mixed and matched. They loved her bleeding heart sweater even though Tim Gunn wasn’t a fan, but didn’t like how costume-esqe many of her looks were at times. In the end the judges picked Michelle as the winner and she was elated. The greatest thing about Michelle’s win was that she wasn’t mean or vindictive to her competitors in the last part of the competition. So it was nice to see her sunny side.