‘Project Runway’ Season 13 Premiere Recap: ‘The Judges Decide’

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Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched!

On the premiere season thirteen episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the judges have eighteen designers ready and waiting to see who will make the cut. Each of them meet with Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Heidi Klum to show off their collections. Guest judge Julie Bowen took a break from Modern Family to give her opinion.

But only fifteen will be on the show and so three people got the ax right away!

We were introduced to a plethora of characters. A trendy Oregonian turned Brooklyn transfer named Korina, a nervous Hong Kong immigrant named Angela, and an atheist labeled German named Fade were a few that stood out. Angela is a complete anxiety fest and literally shakes constantly and seems on the verge of tears at all times. An adorable guy named Emmanuel said he had moved out of his apartment and quit his job to be on the show. He didn’t make the cut and neither did a headscarf wearing urbanite with chic style named Nzinga or Tim, a designer that specialized in the middle-aged lesbian fashion scene.

A veteran was voted back onto the show for this season. Either Alexander, Ken, or Amanda would be given a second chance. Luckily it was the laid back Amanda and not the insanely catty Ken that was chosen.

The designers were challenged to open a black trunk at their work station and choose from five fabrics to create a Spring look that would represent a collection inspired by their style. Then they were to walk around the room and interact, trading fabrics with one another in order to get the materials that they wanted. Amanda attempted to trade with people, but didn’t find any takers.

Everyone was bagging on a unique designer named Sandhya. Mitchell, a Miami boy with a penchant for short shorts, and Korina kept slipping off into corners and talking major smack on Sandhya’s floral print dyed fabric. Korina was positive that her coral flowing jumpsuit would land her in the top three, if not win her the challenge completely. She later ate a slice of humble pie.

Char, a sassy confident woman from Detroit, designed a circle skirt and adorable yellow draped top with large sleeves. Everyone could tell that she had some great talent. She landed in the top three with Amanda, who created some cool denim pants with a patchwork pattern and a black top, and Sandhya who had the most unique look among the designers. The judges loved Char look so much that she almost took the challenge win.

But instead, the judges chose creativity over construction and gave the win to Sandhya, which shocked the hell out of everyone but a nice designer named Samantha.

The bottom three consisted of nervous Angela, who designed a blue top and dress pants with a cut out near the crotch (this made Tim Gunn especially nervous), Miami Mitchell, whose look was so teeny-bopper that Zac Posen almost vomited in his mouth, and Jefferson, who designed an awful set of short shorts and a crop top that opened in the front to reveal a breast. Nina was aghast at this look and in the end they sent sweet Jefferson packing. Hopefully, Miami Mitchell takes note and steps up his game. Angela left the stage in tears exclaiming her gratitude for being given a second chance.