‘Project Runway’ Review: The Finale Part 1

Tim was out and about this episode, but just because he was traveling around the world doesn’t mean it was vacation time for anyone. Right off the bat he visited Kim and although it seemed decently pleasant, it was nothing near impressive. She had a nice concept, a nice design studio, but her designs were lacking.

“I think it’s one of the homeliest materials I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to weep,” said Tim Gunn.

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Next up Tim visited Trinidad, which seemed like a real pain in the ass when you see the scenery. These types of occasions, when Tim Gunn is so obviously out of place in his three piece suit, make me wonder what exactly the man does in his free time. I mean, does anyone ever imagine Tim in a patio lounge chair drinking a long island with Hawaiian style board shorts? Not possible.

The island may have been beautiful but Anya’s designs were well, non-existent. For someone who seemed to be the forerunner in this competition she sure has let her nerves get the best of her. Not one piece of her collection was ready for Tim to see and it was two weeks before the deadline. At least Gunn got a mimosa out of the deal.

Next up Tim visits Viktor’s cute little studio which is purely used for his designing. Let’s just say what we were all thinking. Viktor’s designs were impeccable. Although I think he got some of his ideas from McQueen or Givenchy, it really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things because he is heads and tails above everyone else. His prints were off the chain!

Even though Josh’s collection wasn’t too impressive when Tim showed up he did have one surprise. Josh used to be some killer track and running star. He also had long hair and he looked really good! Whatever made him choose that kaiser cut is beyond me. Turns out however, that Josh is a ‘really great designer’ as Nina Garcia described. Perhaps now that he is over the drama he can focus on the task at hand.

It was emotional to see Josh’s reaction to the penthouse and to hear that everyone in the final four has known a terrible death in their life. Viktor lost his brother. Anya lost her brother. Kim lost her mother. Josh lost his mother. It’s so sad to hear these stories, but so amazing to see what these people have overcome.

Anya showed up to the studio in New York with some of her line ready, but Tim still made sure to point out everyone’s disappointment. Kim seemed to get lost as well. She over accessorized her looks and they seemed confusing and odd. Josh made some type of weird jumpsuit dress which Michael Kors absolutely hated.

Viktor made such an amazing jacket that Heidi Klum asked to try it on! And it looked even better on her than it did the model. It is true that Viktor paired the jacket over the top of an amazing gown and he should not have included the leather belt, but honestly it pales in comparison to the crap the others sent out on the runway. Viktor already knows he is a true designer. He has never needed anyone to figure it out for him.

In the end, they kept all four designers. But they did make Anya sweat for awhile. Josh was not pleased that she was included. They called his name for the final three first and he was on cloud nine. Then he was really angry to see that it meant nothing. It will be interesting to see what they both come up with. Anya isn’t one to need the same lesson twice. It would be a shocker if she drops her game during fashion week.