‘Project Runway’ Review: The Finale

After last week’s confusing turn around on ‘Project Runway’ it was anyone’s guess who was going to take home the prize at the end of this season finale. Anya hadn’t designed one garment in Trinidad while Kim couldn’t seem to pull anything together.

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Joshua became extremely worried when Anya made the final four. Even Anya admits that she had an identity crisis in her looks for the runway. Josh broke down while polishing up his final collection due to his financial situation and his unemployment. Needless to say after this finale, there is definitely a job out there for Josh and it’s going to be fabulous no matter what it is.

Tim Gunn was very impressive in his consoling and supportive attitude toward of all the finalists during the finale. He told them that he disagreed with the judges on much of their criticism of individual pieces and was proud of each of them. Aww.

Gunn then informed the finalists that they would have one last trip to Mood and $500 extra dollars. This worked out well for Anya who went with her gut and found fabrics that reflected her true aesthetic while Josh immediately worried everyone and went to the neon green. Unfortunately, Viktor was the person who suffered the most from this trip to Mood.

Viktor’s collection seemed flawless and it was complete prior to his additions of the chiffon transparent pieces as well as the buckles and belts. Whereas Anya struggled with lack of time on her hands and worked better under pressure. Viktor was a danger to himself when he had too much time. Once Viktor completes something, he is done. He became too ambitious and over thought the entire collection with his extra time.

“You know what? I think I have enough [fabric] that I’m going to make me a tank top too. Take that ‘Project Runway’!” said Viktor.

When Tim came by to check on everyone’s collections it seemed that Anya had already resigned. She was not proud of her collection and did not consider it her best work. She seemed ashamed and ready to throw in the towel.

Tim’s description of Josh’s collection did not fit my interpretation. He said that Josh’s clothing was of a fresh young girl who had it all together and could dine at the Four Seasons. As a viewer, it seemed that what made Josh’s aesthetic great was that it was unpredictable, fun, forward and would turn heads in impressive ways. But Tim Gunn seems to associate everything he loves with luxury and propriety.

It was especially neat watching all the designers enter Lincoln Center together in the early light of day and hug as a group on the empty runway before the big show. There is definitely true comradery between them and it shows.

Kim struggled backstage because she didn’t have her tool kit with her. Anya was still finishing up pieces which Joshua M did not appreciate at all.

“It’s like, effing[sic] New York Fashion Week people. And we are sewing people into garments. Pull it together,” said Joshua M.

The show began and Kim’s collection was up first. Her introduction was well polished and effortless. Kim seems like a real lady. Her collection was fun, funky, confident and bright. She did keep the ‘bubble butt’ skirt, but paired it with a different top.

Josh’s collection was insanely impressive. Considering all he has been through and all the drama he has caused, he really created something magical in the end. It was innovative and other worldly. It was well tailored and the collection flowed nicely.

Viktor’s collection was my personal favorite regardless of his chiffon blunders. His clothing seems the most current and wearable, yet chic and expensive looking. Even though Viktor didn’t win, he seems to be the most seamless designer who people will be most likely to see more of throughout time.

Lastly, there was Anya’s resort style collection that began with an absolute show stopper. The fabric was gorgeous. Her prints were perfect, but her collection was all too similar and not very risky. It seemed like the most enjoyable Anya moments throughout the season were her risky ones.

However, in the end the judges were very critical of Viktor and thought Kim still needed time to grow. They seemed to love everything that Josh accomplished and he looked to be the sure winner, but then the judges chose Anya as the winner. It was quite a sting to see Josh take second, but Anya does have some amazing ideas.

Hopefully Joshua M will be able to take his talent to a place where it will be truly appreciated. Oftentimes on reality shows, it is beneficial to come in second as you are not tied to contracts and can choose where your brand will go. Perhaps Josh benefited from not taking the crown and Anya will take the most advantage of her win. Anya may not be as motivated if she is not under pressure. Onto the next!