‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Women On The Go’

Project Runway's Past
Remember the drama from last season? O.M.G!
Last week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway ended with all the designers bawling their eyes out and Christopher throwing Andrea under the bus for her lack of commitment. So naturally, that didn’t stop him from continuing to talk smack on her even after Tim Gunn announced that she had left the competition. Granted, Andrea needed to have a tougher skin. But honestly, can Christopher just shut his yap for awhile?

Then Kooan got all sad and depressed, announcing that he too was throwing in the towel. By the time Gunn had a chance to walk back in the room I thought he was going to slap someone silly. Seriously people, there is no crying in fashion!

Because Kooan and Andrea hit the road, Tum Gunn brought back Raul to the competition and he made sure to sport his confederate army hat from the Civil War. Odd.

The designers meet at Michael Kors new retail store and Tim announces that they will need to design a versatile look for a woman on the go. Tim advices them to create a story of their woman in their head and then center the design around her, while keeping true to their aesthetic.

Even though Christopher had been bitching about Andrea all morning, he then decided to give Buffi some friendly advice about her sad zebra print dress with a hot pink chiffon overlay. Buffi freaked out and started going off about him and he was listening the entire time.

Alicia’s look was a capri pant and wacky white blouse with elbow pads. Boring. Melissa made a multi layered piece that was designed for ninjas more than business women going to cocktail parties. But it was well put together and reflected her design taste. Gunner’s piece was kind of bland and a bit marmish, but he landed safely in the middle so we didn’t get to hear what the judges really thought about it.

Nathan had a nice olive green dress and cape which seemed classy, but didn’t impress the judges enough to make the top three. Ven’s piece was well put together and very elegant, but nothing super crazy which kept him right in the middle also. Elena made another fencing outfit. How she didn’t land in the bottom is beyond me.

The top three players in this episode were Christopher, Dimitry, and Sonjia. Chris’s piece was very sexy and flawless with a leather jacket. Heidi seemed to really like this. Dimitry made an insanely impeccable dress with a key hole back and a woven front which all pieced together into one single seam. However, his was not as versatile as Sonjia’s dress, which seemed effortless. She won the challenge and guest judge Hayden Panettiere asked if she could wear the look to a red carpet event.

The bottom three consisted of Raul, Buffi, and Fabio. Raul was in trouble because he took on too much and then over accessorized the shit out of his outfit. Fabio used a wacky fabric and made his dress too short with an ill fitting jacket. But nothing compared to Buffi’s blunder with the hot pink chiffon. The construction on the zebra dress underneath, which was awful. She was eliminated and you had to feel badly for her as she cried and hugged everyone. Raul needs to get it together because no one ever gets a second chance, let alone a third in this competition.