‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Welcome Back (Or Not) To The Runway’

August 3rd, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Project Runway All-Stars
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If you thought that Lifetime’s Project Runway wouldn’t have any drama this season, well you were wrong. This episode there was bawling, there was fighting, and most importantly there was catty back stabbing. People are going cray cray and it’s not over what you would think.

Tim Gunn delivers the news to the designers that they will be competing in their first team challenge. This is the dreaded time when designers that regularly wouldn’t even associate have to work hours upon hours together in disagreement. What could possibly go wrong?

Lexus is the sponsor of this episode, so Gunn distributes car keys that will decide how the teams will be formed. The designers are to pair up and create a red carpet Emmy piece that a secret celebrity will wear. The pairings were somewhat of a disaster. Gunner and Kooan. Elena and Buffi. Raoul and Alicia. Chris and Andrea. Ven and Fabio. Melissa and Dmitry. Sonjia and Nathan.

Andrea feels like Chris doesn’t have much experience with chiffon and she laughs as they continually mess up the fabric. Chris can’t believe she is laughing about something he cares about so much.

Kooan and Gunner are about to send a gorgeous white dress down the runway with a hem that keeps splitting. Their model Irina, a past designer from a different season, is not pleased.

Guest judge Krysten Ritter was a delight however and was very excited about Ven’s navy blue short dress. Her enthusiasm seemed to push the judges to give him the win, even though Heidi Klum said she would rather wear the white Gunner/Kooan gown.

When questioned on the runway, Chris and Andrea began to spat and argue in front of the judges. Chris started crying because he doesn’t think anyone else cares about this competition like he does. Andrea got a little harsh towards the end, but in her defense, Chris was being a little over sensitive. The camera hovered over Heidi Klum’s face all while this was happening. I thought we were about to see her lose her shit on these two idiots, but she kept her cool.

In the end, the designers sent Raoul home because his dress was frumpy. Alicia was saved, although she may not have deserved it. At the episode’s end, we find out that Andrea sneaks off in the middle of the night and leaves the competition, but we won’t know the details until next week. The preview shows all the designers bawling and pouting and wanting to leave. Tim Gunn looks aghast, like he is dealing with a bunch of five year olds who just lost their red balloons. How does the classy Gunn deal with this? To be continued . . .

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. miranda

    I’m dying to find out what happened to Andrea! I think it’s really cowardly of her to bail in the middle of the night. Then again, I couldn’t imagine the stress they are under. The pressures put on these designers make my job at Dish look like a walk in the park! Regardless, I’m excited that Andrea is out, and I can’t wait to watch her leave! Luckily, my husband won’t be able to force me into watching preseason football instead now that we’ve upgraded to the Hopper DVR, which lets us watch or record up to six things at once. Bye bye, Andrea!

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