Project Runway Recap: ‘This is for the Birds’ Gets Catty

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This week Tim Gunn made sure to throw all sorts of unexpected curve balls at the designers, like a fashion mind ninja. First, they were split into pairs, given a species of bird to base their work on, then told they would be mortal enemies until judging. Anya and Laura were paired up and seemed happy with that, then Viktor and Kim, followed by Bert and Joshua M, who seem to be getting along in a nice fake sort of way now.

“Fashion is a competitive sport,” said Michael Kors.

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The moment I saw Bert and Joshua M just rabidly grabbing fabrics and feathers from the shelves at Mood in bright neon colors I knew we were in for trouble. Give these guys a bird from the amazon and you’re asking for it. Luckily, Joshua M was forced to edit after the designers were told to create two separate looks and then choose one to walk the runway. The less crazy of Josh’s pieces ended up on the catwalk and it was pleasantly fabulous. Yes, it had one hideous looking corsage on the top, but beggars can’t be choosers. Then things got real catty.

Kim freaked out because she kept ruining garments and couldn’t keep up with Viktor’s minute immaculate construction techniques. She sewed her finger and bled on her fabric, freaked out over a cockroach (which Anya killed like a pro) and angrily dealt with Tim Gunn, who recognized right away that things weren’t going well. Thank God for that hug!

The truth is that Kim made a pleasant looking garment in three hours and Viktor doesn’t work like she does. He likes to get everything just perfect. I don’t know much about fashion training or sewing technique but sometimes experienced sewers like Viktor let their academia get in the way of their courage. Kim and Anya just throw things onto the model without a critical eye and that is why the judges love their designs. These girls don’t work like drones, they work like visionaries. Granted, Viktor is leaps and bounds ahead of them in terms of quality.

Anya wouldn’t give Josh any extra fabric because he wanted to create a 3rd insanely overdone look. We’re getting down to the wire and Anya is done sharing, well now that she hasn’t lost her whole envelope full of money for fabric. She also doesn’t know how to sew, which really doesn’t sit well with Josh who supposedly spent $100,000.00 on his fashion education. I think he may have overpaid, especially considering this job market.

Bert’s piece was gross and he needed to go. Laura’s was so boring and done before. Viktor just had bad luck. I’m thinking the pearl embellishment on Kim’s dress may have added a little extra, but I loved it. Another random guest judge, Francisco Costa from Calvin Klein, showed up and made sure to look super handsome while giving his critiques.

After the episode, there was a sit down interview with past-red head- mom-designer/blogger Lara in which she called Josh out on his bullshit. It did not go well at all. In fact, Josh seemed to lash out irrationally, accusing Lara of bullying and being old and mean. Really, he not only resented those remarks, but he resembles them and he isn’t in the acceptance phase of the healing process. In a way you have to feel bad for the guy because he obviously isn’t dealing well right now. With that said, Lara’s questions were valid and necessary. Josh needs to learn to channel his anger instead of losing his shit every ten seconds. Obviously his love for accessories isn’t doing the trick. Maybe yoga?

By Chelsi Archibald

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