‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘The Klum Of Doom’

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Gird your loins!

If contestants on Lifetime’s Project Runway haven’t learned it by now, they sure had a rude awakening when Heidi Klum stormed the work room to tear almost every single one of them a new asshole. You don’t mess up Heidi’s dress.

The challenge was to create a red carpet look for Ms. Klum to wear to the Creative Emmy Awards using only $250. Sounds simple, right? Oh no, it all went so terribly wrong.

Most of the designers pick black fabrics and Korina starts dissing on all of them while touting her choice of dark teal and snakeskin. Kini is done with his impeccable dress in like three seconds. Alexander thinks Mitchell’s idea looks like a pile of garbage and well, he was kind of correct on that assessment.

When Heidi visits the workroom to critique she tells Korina that the color green she has chosen is like what hunters in Germany wear. She also hates the snakeskin. Sandhya’s design looks like an 80′s episode of Dynasty, with peacock feathers and matronly lace. Mitchell’s look has a bustier with devil’s horns.

The looks are so terrible that Heidi allows anyone who needs to go back to Mood and buy $100 more fabric. If they don’t need to go back they can opt to help another contestant and give them their money. Because Sandhya is no dummy, she asks a few people for their extra cash and ends up buying fabric at Mood that is $120 a yard. Korina is pissed, but I call that smart business acumen. Meanwhile, Korina seems like all lip and no game.

The top three looks are made by Kini, Amanda, and Sean. Amanda’s look is very bohemian, very hippie, and very much her aesthetic. It’s bold and different. Not all the judges love it, but Heidi likes it. Sean’s look is made entirely of royal blue fringe which fades into black ombre. It’s perfectly cut and hugs the body nicely as to keep its wearer from looking heavy.

The bottom three looks were made by Korina, Kristine, and Mitchell. Kristine’s look also had devil horns and rather than keeping straps she added them to the back of the short cocktail-like dress and opted for strapless. Mitchell’s second-chance look was a disaster. It was poorly made, the fabric was cheap looking, and the concept was terrible.

The judges chose Sean as the winner (although Kini seems to deserve these wins based on consistency alone). They sent both Mitchell and Kristine packing. Korina had better get her shit together or her butt will be the next one out the door.

By Chelsi Archibald

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