‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘The Final Challenge’

This is it folks, the final challenge before Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the designers have made it work.

The final five are ferried off to Governor’s Island where they are shown several sculptures and given three design assignments. Kim noticed a piece called, ‘New Beginnings’ that resonated with her current situation. Laura saw circles and couldn’t get enough of them. And Joshua M gravitated to the long military cannon. Viktor and Anya just chilled out and went to straight to the drawing board.

“It’s like you tried to make a coat out of a paper towel,” said Michael Kors.

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At Mood, Laura proved once again that she absolutely loves spending money and honey, she is good at it! Her budget was $300 and she managed to ring up an initial $700, but Tim made her cut back to $500. Even Tim Gunn can’t resist that sweet little Southern girl charm. Then came the expected mid-episode ‘surprise’.

Each of the final five was paired up with an old cast mate to help them create their looks. ‘We all love the button bag!’ was a statement full of sarcasm from Tim Gunn because not one designer has ever loved that velvet bag full of drama. Kim chose Becky, which made sense. Viktor chose Olivier, which was a no brainer. Laura and Anthony Ryan hooked up, so far so good. But the most brilliant pairing had to have been between Anya and Bert. Anya can’t sew and Bert can’t design, wah lah! It made for a pretty spectacular design between them. Joshua M and Bryce were put together, meaning that Josh designed things how he usually would have and Bryce just did the grunt work. Oh well!

I know that Joshua M has gotten a lot of criticism for his behavior on this season and it’s been a hard lesson for him, but I can’t help but laugh at his over the top behavior sometimes. After he was inspired by the military canon he explained his design to Tim as ‘dealing with this idea of soft & hard’. If Josh does anything for this television show it is being exceptionally, fabulously gay and I absolutely love him for it.

Olivier made sure to complain about being a ‘slave’ to Viktor because that is what Olivier does best is whine. And Viktor put on his bow tie for the runway show, which means serious business. His collection was beautiful and sleek. It’s ironic that Michael Kors pointed out Viktor’s tendency to create commercial and current clothing over risk taking because Kors has never been an Alexander McQueen himself. His designs are most in line with Viktor’s aesthetic and women love them.

One thing is for sure, when Nina Garcia is holding her note cards above her eyes, shit is about to get real. Nina may have had it out for Laura but she is definitely critical of Kim also. Kim’s stuff was pretty innovative, but the tailoring is always questionable. Laura has great ideas but can’t seem to execute them like Kim does. Sadly, Laura’s tears were not enough for her to stay. Although let’s be fair, I can’t stand Josh or his design choices and my opinion is that he got into fashion week because the producers love drama. I could be wrong.

It was obvious that Anya was going to be in the finals from the get-go. And Viktor? Puh-lease. That boy was made to design clothing. Both of them have a sixth sense about what looks good on a woman’s body. Zoe Saldana looked ravishing as the guest judge and she dug Laura’s stuff, which is good for Laura because she needed a confidence boost after she got the boot! In the after show, Kim got all up in Laura’s grill about being fake and talking smack. It didn’t seem well deserved.

Thank heavens for the well balanced questions in the after show. You can tell they were trying to be a little more gentle with Joshua M because he could have a nuclear meltdown at any given moment. He did say sorry to Becky, which was nice and I think he is being genuine about his psychological issues. This boy needs therapy! Olivier is still freaking out over boobs and I suppose he cleared that whole weird-ass-accent conundrum, but still that crazy Olivier just confuses us all! Next episode is fashion week and I can’t wait to see what fabulous stuff the designers will be throwing on the runway. Make it work!