‘Project Runway’ Recap: The Case Of The Foaming Vagina

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Ever since Helen’s cry baby breakdown and Sandro’s Russian style meltdown, fans have been expecting nothing but drama in the latest season of Lifetime’s Project Runway.

This time around, Ken was still being bitchy about having to work with Alexandra and Sue last week and luckily, he got the chance to eat humble pie for his own work this week.

Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn showed up to present the challenge to the designers in camouflage style, letting them know they would be going on a ‘glamping’ trip. This outdoor adventure was hardly off the beaten path, with glamorous tents, wine glasses, and lanterns hanging from the trees. You don’t need to know much about this except that Ken bitched the entire time about being outdoors, making us dislike him even more and later on Zac Posen wore a lavender ascot. Yes, you read that correctly, a lavender ascot.

The challenge was for the designers to be inspired by nature and the outdoors and create an editorial piece based on that inspiration. Jeremy wrote a letter to his husband and kids which led to him creating a piece with the letter written on the fabric. Other designers weren’t as creative or as literal, but came up with some pretty impressive looks.

Ken saw some army green wool that he felt would be glamorous on the runway and ran with that idea. Alexandra was introspective and sat alone for awhile to think up a very modern piece. When Tim came in for critiques he was a little wary of her design for drop crotch pants and later on, Zac Posen would refer to them as “poopy pants”.

Bradon couldn’t really find what he wanted at Mood and opted for some bright colored chiffon fabrics, then he began a technique on the fabric with embroidery that Tim thought looked like a child’s watercolor painting. Justin came up with a creative idea to use hot glue and weave patterns of it on top of tin foil, let it dry, and then apply it as lace to his gown. Everyone was excited for him and even Tim thought it was a great idea.

Karen created something reminiscent of Ariel’s first dress after washing ashore with no clothing and finding a sail and some straps to secure her lady bits. Using two leather belts and some cream colored fabric, she then dyed it to appear ombre with bright yellow dye. The judges were not impressed.

The top three looks went to Jeremy for his silk love letter gown, Alexandra for her modern poopy pants and jacket, and Alexander for his navy blue gown with black tree branch details. The bottom designers were Karen, Justin, and Ken for his mossy green dress. Justin’s gown looked like a craft experiment gone wrong. Nina Garcia told him it looked like a foaming vagina. Ken’s look was too top heavy and we all know that Heidi Klum has an issue with cleavage. If you get it wrong, you are in big trouble. Karen’s look was criticized as being too rodeo and beach like, confused in its conception.

Surprisingly, the judges sent Justin home and it was very emotional. Every designer was visibly upset and realized that Justin didn’t deserve to go. They gave him a group hug and even Tim Gunn was bawling like a baby. He used his Tim Gunn save to bring Justin back for another try. It was especially emotional and adorable that everyone loved and felt for Justin. What a wonderful display of friendship!

Get excited for next week when Zac Posen will wear a polka dot dress shirt with a Peter Pan collar!