‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘The Art Of Fashion’

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For this week’s challenge on Lifetime’s Project Runway, Heidi Klum had the designers meet at the famous Guggenheim Museum and be split up into new teams by Tim Gunn.

The new teams were as follows: Daniel and Layana, Michelle and Stanley, Patricia and Richard. The designers were to use the museum as inspiration to create an avante guarde artsy look and a ready-to-wear look that were cohesive to one another. The winning designer was to win $10,000 and an HP Envy laptop/tablet.

The designers were to then create a textile that would be printed and paired with their pieces. At the museum, Stanley and Michelle had an easy time collaborating. Richard and Patricia seemed to confuse one another to no end while Layana took control over the entire process between her and Daniel, complaining all along the way that Daniel might screw things up. Little did she realize that she would be the problem.

In fact, Layana wouldn’t allow Daniel to create the artsy look because she didn’t trust his ideas and felt that he would be over the top. She demanded to take the art piece and Daniel kindly obliged. Later on, Layana pleated the entire bottom of her skirt with every bit of textile fabric only leaving Daniel one yard to make the skirt for his ready-to-wear look. Then she realized that it looked awful and started freaking out. Daniel was really patient and kind, trying to pull her out of her funk. His tactics worked and she began to get inspired again.

Michelle and Stanley were creating fashion wonders together. Michelle designed a textile with a woman’s face in gold on black backdrop. Stanley used the fabric to create a dress that was classic yet edgy. Michelle designed a leather vest coat that draped to the floor with a long train, which she hand painted in a dramatic design inspired from a museum art piece.

Patricia and Richard did not get along well at all. Patricia designed the textile in upside down triangles of various tribal colors. Then she hand painted the top half of her look in the same colors. Meanwhile, Richard created one single bracelet on day one. This infuriated Patricia and thoroughly stressed her out. Tim Gunn was very worried when he came around to check on them. Richard’s ready-to-wear look was in trouble. Patricia wanted to control every aspect of the design process and Richard felt he couldn’t continue with his look until he properly understood what his partner was trying to do.

The judges loved Stanley and Michelle’s looks. Heidi even praised Patricia’s look and everyone loved Daniel’s black blazer and skirt, which they felt was very fashion forward. They did not like Layana’s look, calling it southern bell, pageant like, and dated. When they asked Daniel which look he felt looked best, he said he liked his own look better. Layana flipped out, saying that she helped with Daniel’s look and that he wasn’t giving her proper credit. When they got to the green room to await judgement, Layana started bawling like a drama queen, saying that Daniel threw her under the bus. She wanted credit for doing the art piece and for helping Daniel with his. Honestly, Layana is a whiney brat and it was very satisfying when Heidi Klum picked up on her cocky attitude.

In the end, the judges gave Stanley the win which he totally deserved. Michelle did a great job, but because she has been so bitchy towards her fellow teammates in the last few episodes, I was glad that Stanley graciously won the big prize. The judges then placed Patricia and Richard in the bottom two, ultimately sending Richard home.