‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Take It All Off’

Tim & Heidi Get Cuddly
The Two Project Runway Buddies Celebrate 10 years
This week on Lifetime’s Project Runway, the fabulous Heidi Klum was so excited about the next challenge that Tim Gunn had to practically hold her back from joining the designers on their excursion to an undisclosed location. He said he was under strict instructions to control her as she has no self discipline. What could that mean?

At any rate, the teams were split back into two sets of four. Amanda, Richard, Samantha, and Layana made up team one while Stanley, Patricia, Michelle, and Daniel made up team two.

When the designers arrived at the location the next day, they were greeted by several beefy, shirtless, dancing dudes from Australia who make up the Las Vegas group ‘Thunder From Down Under’. Apparently, this season is more about cheesy promotions than it is about high fashion. No one really seemed to mind however. The challenge was for each team to create three pieces that were cohesive and that could velcro or pull away from the dancers bodies as they did their strip tease routine. Oh Lord!

Immediately, Richard and the girls on his team were not getting along. He wanted to make the outfits more pizazz like and full of sparkle, but the girls wanted to keep it classy. All of his suggestions were thrown by the wayside. They decided to do three business type attires and even when Michelle suggested they do three different job attires, including a bike messenger, the group shot that down as well. It seemed like fear was getting in the way of this group’s vision.

On the other team things were going somewhat smoother, but not much more. Michelle decided to create a vest that was a little bit rocker and a little bit steam punk. As much as I want to like Michelle, I haven’t really seen anything other than a couple pieces that were as amazing as she originally claimed they would be. She is obsessed with being ‘different’, but never seems to wow the judges.

Patricia decided to do yet another woven patterned dress shirt for her male model which resembled more of a blouse and took her the entire two days to complete. Even Tim Gunn thought the process was ludicrous. Daniel insisted upon creating a long black trench coat. Stanley created a sports blazer and a light blue dress shirt. None of these looks were fantastic.

When the models came to be fitted, Amanda’s pants absolutely did not fit and she suggested a long dress shirt to cover up the fact that the seam of her model’s pants kept coming undone. This was three minutes before runway. During this time, Amanda and Richard were just plain bitchy to one another. Richard also gave Layana terrible advice about her blazer, which made it look like a woman’s piece. Tim Gunn was appalled.

It is safe to say that this may be one of the worst runways the show has ever produced. Amanda’s team was absolutely horrific. The collars on Richard’s dress shirts were crooked and odd looking. Layana’s blazer was ill fitting and lady like. Amanda’s pants were splitting at the seams. It was a disaster. The only saving grace was the dance the men did at the end of their runway.

The next team wasn’t that great either. Michelle’s steam punk vest was the best of the bunch, but had an odd pocket handkerchief holder that wasn’t effective or classy. Stanley’s outfit was boring and ill-fitting. Patricia’s ridiculous shirt was completely hidden under Daniel’s hideous trench coat. It was terrible. The judges were in shock and completely disappointed. They named this team the winning team, but only by default. And they refused to name a winner of the challenge.

The best part of this was that Nina Garcia lost it when the men on Michelle’s team couldn’t even rip their pants off or their shirts, as Michelle had hot glued the velcro instead of sewed it on. Then while standing to be critiqued, the pants on Amanda’s outfit would stay closed and Nina started laughing hysterically. It was the first time we’ve witnessed Nina act this way and it was classic.

In the end, Richard and Amanda were in the bottom two. Both threw the other under the bus. Richard didn’t even know how to construct a proper dress shirt, which was just terrible in the eyes of Zac Posen. But Amanda was the one to get the boot. She has been in the bottom too many times. It is a shame indeed.