‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Surprise Me’

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Project Runway Season 11

This week on Lifetime’s Project Runway, Heidi Klum surprised the designers with a challenge to create some looks to promote her new perfume line, Surprise Me. The teams are asked to design two different types of looks for Heidi, one which will be featured on television and print advertising campaigns, the other looks for press events. This turned out slightly better than last week’s debacle.

Immediately Team Keeping It Real gets it together and starts working like a charm. Dream Team seemed to work better together this time, but their frantic nature once again got the best of them. Sassy fabulous designer Benjamin Mach, although cool and calm on the exterior, had a major meltdown which resulted in a classic case of the dads. Guest judge Kristin Davis stopped by looking as adorable as ever.

For the Dream Team, each of them were able to design individual looks on their own. This is something Michelle was very grateful for. She designed a short leather dress which had rivets and a very low back. Samantha designed an illusion gown which was sexy in the front, showing off the bust line nicely.Cindy chose an iridescent pink and orange fabric and tried to sex it up with low cleavage and a low back. Matthew created a bondage inspired black dress that didn’t turn out quite like he’d hoped.

Benjamin struggled immensely and although he wanted to create a Grecian looking structured bust, he ended up falling behind and stressing out hard. This led to the team sewing the model into the gown and wrapping strips of leather around her bust. Benjamin cried during the individual interviews stating that his last relationship has left him broken and with a lot of self doubt. It was hard to see such a  meticulous person break down.

Even though the judges liked Team Keeping It Real’s line better, they still scolded Stanley and Richard for their looks. Stanley’s gold fabric was somewhat ruined by over accessorizing and hiding the top of his dress. Richard put too many feathers on his model’s backside.

The top designers this week were Patricia, for her stitched pink and gold leather square dress, Daniel for his nude and black leather halter dress, and the two girls who had some trouble this week, Kate and Layana. Kate was worried that Layana wasn’t allowing her to execute her vision and was editing it too much to fit her needs. Luckily, Layana backed off and worked with Kate to create Heidi’s favorite look. The dress was black and light pink, showing structure through the midriff and allowing organza to lightly cover that artistry in a subtle way. It mimicked Heidi’s perfume line and the bottle, which showed both hard and soft lines.

Kate was ecstatic when she won the challenge. She noted that her mother, her brides from her bridal company, and her family will be so proud to see the dress on Heidi in the perfume campaign. Heidi chose Daniel’s look for press events. Everyone was happy.

Unfortunately, the bottom three were Matthew, Benjamin, and Cindy. The judges were not pleased with Matthew’s bondage dress and nearly sent him packing. However, Benjamin really kicked the bucket this week with his terrible grecian disaster. Nina Garcia named it the worst construction she’s seen, but let’s be honest, we’ve heard that from her before. Cindy’s fabric was purely loathed by Zac Posen and in the end the judges sent her home. It was for the best, as Cindy seemed to have older tastes and bless her heart was trying with all her might to grasp current fashion.

Hopefully Benjamin gets his emotions in check and stops trying to control the world around him. The week before this one, he was controlling Cindy and the others in order to win the Spin NYC challenge. Hopefully, he will focus on his own work and show us some magic.

By Chelsi Archibald

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