‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Starving Artist’

Last Week's Episode
Read About The Drama That Elena Caused Last Week
This week on the latest episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, Tim Gunn announced that the designers would be split up into teams of three. Of course the groans and complaints started immediately and didn’t stop until the credits were rolling. Chris had immunity, but was picked first and paired with Gunner and Sonjia. Let the Gunner eye rolls begin!

Next up, Dimitry was paired with Elena and Alicia. Apparently, Elena and Dimitry absolutely hate one another. It could be some Eastern European vibe that we Americans just don’t understand. Either way, Chris dubbed them with perfect nicknames. ‘Boris and Natasha’ from the old cartoon Rocky & Bullwinkle. There hasn’t been a more perfect title for these two.

The last team consisted of Melissa, Fabio, and Ven who were all very happy to escape the drama of the two other teams. Tim tells the groups that they must use the art supplies provided in the work room to make t-shirts, tote bags, and accessories to sell to strangers on the streets of NYC. This will help raise the money they will need to buy their fabric from Mood for the upcoming challenge.

Chris and Gunner make some pretty decent shirts, actually trying to give people something presentable. Dimitry and Elena’s team make terrible merchandise and Elena complains about the process. Alicia is living her worst nightmare.

The teams hit the streets and end up earning much more than one would have predicted. Ven, Melissa, and Fabio made over $800! Whereas, Elena’s team made about $500. Tim then lets the teams know that they need to make two fall looks for the runway. The teams head off to Mood and purchase their fabric.

Chris constructs a camel colored trench without sleeves. Gunner makes two dresses. Sonjia makes a jacket to go over one of the dresses. Each of their pieces are expensive looking, stunning, and wow the judges. This team gets high praise form Heidi Klum and are safe after judging. Sonjia wins the challenge for her beautifully constructed jacket.

Fabio, Ven, and Melissa choose a lavender pink color and pair it with gray. Ven’s skirt is the same as always and Tim Gunn tells him that it doesn’t fit in with the collection. Ven creates a second skirt, which looks a bit marmy. Fabio creates a sad gray coat which Michael Kors says should have granny kleenex in the pockets and Melissa ruins a pair of trousers. The judges are not happy. Fabio is in the bottom two. Guest judge Anna Sui was disappointed that this team didn’t let their voices be heard in the planning stages of the challenge.

Elena immediately throws her team under the bus and tells the judges that Dimitry took over their team. He created a flawless dress, very similar to all his past pieces, but amazing just the same. He also created a shawl with fringe. The judges weren’t thrilled with it, but I found it to be quite nice. Elena made a bulky, terrible looking coat. I’ve never liked her aesthetic. Alicia bored everyone to tears with a sad blouse and trousers. Because of this, Alicia was in the bottom two and was subsequently sent home.

Can we all acknowledge that Elena is just a sad ball of raging insanity? Other than yelling and ripping out her own hair all the time, she really serves no purpose. Oh wait, the producers of this show are loving every second of her crazy antics and will certainly try to keep her around as long as they can.