‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Spin Out’

February 1st, 2013 // 1 Comment
Project Runway Season 11

In this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, Susan Sarandon stopped by the promote her hot and trendy night club, Spin NYC in which people go to have drinks and play ping pong. Pretty random, but pretty cool. The teams were asked to design new uniforms for the waitresses and the ball boys, who chase ping pong balls with little nets. Hipster hilarity ensued.

Immediately Dream Team realized they needed to step up their game and Benjamin decided he was the guy to lead them. He began by treating Cindy like a child and micro managing everything she was doing, including picking out fabric at Mood.

Michelle noticed that Team Keeping It Real were so friendly and excited to work together while her team began to fall apart once again. She said that her team was quote, “Pooping the bed”. Stick that analogy in your back pocket for later.

The teams were required to waitress and act as ball boys themselves to get a feel for what employees at Spin NYC go through. Then they were given time to sketch and design. Each team is challenged to design trendy and fashion forward uniforms for three women and two men. They are given $500 for fabric and supplies. Sarandon suggests they step it up from the club’s current T-shirt logo ‘Balls Are Our Business’ but still incorporate the saying.

Back at the design studio, Daniel showed Layana how to drape a trouser short and the team seemed to get along swimmingly. Benjamin claims to have worked as a server at a restaurant as well as designed the uniforms for that restaurant so he is willing to take the lead. Even though Cindy was the focus of Benjamin’s worries, James went crazy with his fabric choice.

Stanley created some harem style trousers that were very fashion forward and Susan Sarandon responded positively to them. Kate and Patricia made a trendy criss-cross skirt with black leggings and a tank top. Joseph wanted to create a mens’ look in black and white polka dots, but Richard talked him out of it. They instead went for a fitted sport t-shirt and a pair of trendy loose pants, both showing off the ‘Balls Are Our Business’ logo.

Amanda made a very short black mini dress which was not flattering at all and it is curious as to why she was trusted to go it alone. Daniel and Layana created a ‘skort’ (half skirt, half short) utilizing the front as a pocket system for the servers to keep their notebooks. They then created a vest with a unique design in the back and a white three quarter sleeved t-shirt underneath. All the judges loved this look tremendously.

Benjamin and Matthew created a very unique look by choosing a kilt for the men, paired with a black tank and the logo posted on the crotch area. Even though this was totally and Alexander McQueen type move, the judges did not respond well to it. This was both odd and surprising. They also criticized the use of the logo as being tacky and distasteful when the logo itself may be the root of the so called ‘silliness’.

Samantha and Tu created a nice look with a gray zip up vest, a sexy looking bra underneath, and a black pencil skirt. James made a cabana boy style capri jean with an unkempt and untucked tank top. This did not go over well. Cindy created a very generic looking blazer jacket and Benjamin paired it with boring brown shorts. The judges ripped this apart, but at least the jacket was well made. Michelle created a look that didn’t seem to fit in with the challenge at all, but was attractive and unique.

The winners of the team challenge was Team Keeping It Real once again and Layana received the individual challenge win. She was grateful to Daniel who taught her some new tricks and supported her throughout the process. Cindy and James were in the bottom two, although Benjamin got a little scolding for neglecting his team to micro manage. James’ look was terrible and sent him home. Hopefully Cindy can step it up and avoid the older woman stereotypes that often come with this show. It bothers me when these youngins’ count people out due to their age. Age ain’t nothin but a number, yo!

By Chelsi Archibald
  1. quiteprfan

    I agree with you, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.” I think Cindy is going to pull out a win soon and will put these “youngins” in their place. This episode of Project Runway was a lot of fun to watch, and since I work at DISH it gave me and my co-workers plenty to talk about. Unfortunately, this airs on Thursday nights, and Thursdays my boyfriend likes to watch sports. We resolved this issue with a new DISH Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR that lets us watch up to 4 different HD programs on different televisions at the same time. Now, I no longer have to argue why my shows are more important to watch than his sports.

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