‘Project Runway’ Recap: Shine Like A Diamond, Cry Like A Baby

Talk about drama! This season of Lifetime’s Project Runway takes it to the next level and makes no apologies.

Last week Timothy may have coached his model to act out a dramatic bit on the runway, but this week designers Helen and Sandro nearly  blew a gasket at the first sign of trouble.

The challenge? Design red carpet looks to compliment diamond necklaces on each of the models which altogether were worth over $30 million dollars. And out comes the button bag! Heidi Klum let Bradon go first as he has immunity from last week. Everything seems to be going well until the group gets to the fabric store.

The designers are in charge of their own budgets this season which gives them a total of $4000 dollars to work with. Timothy didn’t need too much money though because he was digging through the trash at Mood. He used fabric scraps and left over velvet that another client rejected. During Tim’s critique he realized he needed to change up his design and fast. He patterned the idea from a velvet box which would hold the jewelry.

Helen decided to create bust cups and a fancy couture gown, which she tells Tim Gunn is her forte. Immediately, the sewing room turns into a battle ground as Ken and Sandro start yelling at one another. From what we can tell, Ken was talking too much which bothered Sandro and he wanted Ken to shut up. But it didn’t end there . . .

Sandro started contracting a 1950’s boudoir look and as time was running out he needed to use a steam machine to straighten it up. No designer offered to help him as he was yelling at them all frantically. He ended up dragging a poor production crew member into the design room and demanding he make the steamer work. The crew member refused and fled the scene. Sandro went back to the sewing room and started crying like a child. This dude goes from angry to sad at the drop of a hat.

Sue claimed ignorance yet again and demanded someone help her with the sewing machine. Dom gladly obliged, but Sue was still grouchy and seemed ungrateful for the help.

Kahindo chose a pattern that was not very flattering and her work with a key hole in the back of her dress worried Tim. He advised her to cover the textile with another brown transparent fabric.

The judges gave Sandro credit for his boudoir look and Heidi said she was very happy for him. They loved Dom’s emerald green and white silk gown which had a grace and ease about it, but was styled slightly off. They loved Kate’s Marie Antoinette look, which other designers said reflected too much of famous designer Vivian Westwood. The judges didn’t mind and named Kate the winner of the challenge.

Timothy, Helen, and Kahindo were in the bottom. Before Helen’s look even came out onto the runway she started having a full on panic attack and was shaking with tears. Heidi halted the runway show and Tim tried to comfort Helen before they continued on. Talk about drama! Helen is super annoying. Her dress looked terrible, but Nina Garcia stood up for her saying that at least she tried something ambitious. Heidi teased Nina by calling her ‘Mean-a’ Garcia.

The judges hated Timothy’s look, but found Kahindo’s dress to be a total snooze. Zac Posen said it looked like it should be on a sales rack, which especially hurt Kahindo’s feelings. In the end she was sent home. I’m assuming the producers want crazy Timothy around just a little while longer because he makes for insane television.