‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Senior Fling’, Joan Rivers Guest Judges

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In this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, Heidi Klum showed up yet again with the infamous button bag and because Michelle lost her partner last week, she was paired with Patricia and Layana. This is essentially what she was trying to avoid as she has some pretty harsh criticism for Patricia’s skill level. Maybe she is just jealous that she hasn’t been winning or getting any positive attention?

Tim Gunn had the designers meet at a dance studio and introduced them to some adorable older ladies. The designers were each paired with an elderly woman and the challenge was given to design a piece that each of them would love. The pieces did not need to be cohesive. Immediately the designers get to gettin’ and take off to Mood.

Stanley and Richard seem to work well together and happily work along without a hitch. Stanley’s woman is very classy and elegant, so he starts designing a fabulous deep purple jumper pantsuit and jacket. Richard wants to create something easy and versatile, that his client can wear in summer and fall, with leggings and boots. He chooses teal and black as his color pallet.

Amanda was struggling from the beginning. Her client was an artist and world traveler, which made her choose a funky red and sky blue patterned print. But her structure and design struggled and she didn’t know how to properly execute it. Benjamin loved his elderly friend and she seemed to love him back. She requested teal as a center color and Benjamin made sure to deliver. He created a structured little party dress.

Samantha’s client was sassy and fun. She requested cheetah or leopard print and Samantha was totally on board. She created a party dress with structured shoulders in mustard yellow with a black belt and bow to break up the leopard print bottom of the dress. Daniel’s client was very classy as well. He created a black pants suit that was edgy and elegant. The blazer only had a one sided collar lapel, which ended up working well.

Kate designed a lovely navy structured top and a floral skirt which her client loved. It was very fun and flirty while staying age appropriate. Tu struggled a lot with construction and even admitted that he sucks at sewing. His client has red hair and requested emerald green. He obliged and created a wrap dress. Kate had to help him get his client into the dress before the runway, which had too much fabric and had to be tied together with a belt from the Lord & Taylor accessory wall.

Layana chose a red print fabric for her day dress, which really showed off her client’s legs and looked fantastic. Michelle used a teal and coral print to accentuate her client’s figure and it turned out nicely. The only problem was that Patricia’s look wasn’t working well and so she scrapped the idea of having a see-through shawl overlay in electric blue and designed a frayed cowl neck piece at the last minute. The look wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t inspiring.

The judges told Michelle and Layana that their designs were actually the top looks, but that Patricia’s look had brought them down. They were declared as safe and dismissed. Patricia apologized, but Michelle didn’t seem too forgiving.

The top looks were Stanley, Richard, Daniel, and Samantha. The judges loved Daniel’s pantsuit and praised his use of detail, like the one sided collar. They loved Samantha’s client and were pleased with her color choices and fabric, but did not love the baby doll look of her dress. Heidi praised Richard for his easy and comfortable look, saying that she would even love to wear it. Nina didn’t love Richard’s style however. All of the judges loved Stanley’s classy look, even though the pant leg was a little short, and they declared him the challenge winner.

The bottom looks were Kate, Tu, Amanda, and Benjamin. They loved Kate’s look and praised her for pleasing her client. They recognized that Tu needed a lot of help and used way too much fabric. But the bottom two were Amanda and Benjamin. Amanda’s dress was awful and the judges were not happy, nor was her client.

Benjamin and his client loved the teal party dress he designed, but Heidi was worried that the dress was cutting off circulation to the old woman’s little arms. In the end, the sent Benjamin packing. Some may think this was a shock, but I think Benjamin had it coming. He was a little too sure of himself and didn’t seem to be able to put his money where his mouth was. It will be sad without him, but you know you better work if you’re going to design on this show.