‘Project Runway’ Recap: Sandro Completely Loses His Shit, Russian Style

August 9th, 2013 // 2 Comments
Project Runway Cast

Viewers of this season of Lifetime’s Project Runway are well aware that from the beginning it’s been a dramatic shit storm of emotions, almost to the point of confusion and ridiculousness.

Are these designers living in another universe, one in which minor details equate to apocalyptic disaster? Or is there not enough Xanax being distributed to these unstable individuals?

Luckily, there are seemingly normal people like Bradon who do amazing things and surprise everyone with expressions of love for their significant other which bring tears to viewers’ eyes and warm the cockles of our icy hearts, but I digress.

The challenge this week was to work with bow ties from Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s company where the proceeds from sales go to support marriage equality, a nifty little campaign titled, ‘Tie The Knot’. The designers had to incorporate the bow tie somewhere on the outfit and were given a suggested budget of $200 at Mood.

Sue felt the need to spend over $400 when buying fabric and even created two separate dresses for Tim Gunn to critique. Helen was feeling pretty confident until Tim critiqued her look and she started questioning herself. Jeremy’s grandmother passed away and the news struck him pretty hard, making it difficult for him to concentrate.

Sandro asked Tim what he should do with an over-the-top glitzy clutch he wanted to accessorize his look with and Tim told him to stop worrying about what the judges would think and just be himself. I think Tim was just throwing out some damage control, realizing that the judge’s critiques aren’t really translating to Sandro and even if they were, he isn’t keen on accepting their criticism.

By the time the runway show commenced, things seemed to have gone pretty smoothly. Alexander, Alexandria, Ken, Helen, Justin, Sandro, and Karen were safe in the middle. Sandro was aghast that his gaudy pink glitzy gown that looked like a terrible homemade pageant dress wasn’t in the top three and asked the judges for a critique, to which Zac Posen didn’t hesitate in saying that it looked like garbage. And Sandro continued to demand more advice before Heidi kindly told him to get off the runway.

Back in the green room, Helen was all butt-hurt because Nina Garcia told her that her immunity saved her from being in the bottom and that her win from last week might have only been because Kate was her partner. This really ticked her off and offended her greatly. But we didn’t get a chance to watch Helen fully implode because Sandro started having the male equivalent to a menstruation cycle, out of nowhere.

Sandro was pissed that Ken and Karen told him the truth, that his questioning of the judges was inappropriate and rude. Helen agreed, stating that she had accepted her criticism like a champ and kept her mouth closed. Sandra flipped everyone the bird, stormed out of the room, ripped off his mic before chucking it on the ground, and then walked away from the cameras outside on the street. But he also made sure to punch one of the cameras for good measure. Classic!

Meanwhile on the runway, Bradon won the challenge and decided to propose to his partner of eighteen years on camera! Everyone was very emotional and Heidi said she wanted to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. Dom’s dress was praised as well and she was safe. Kate’s equestrian pants were applauded by Nina and Zac Posen said she is really improving in leaps and bounds.

The bottom three were Sue, Miranda, and Jeremy. Sue’s dress reminded them of a sci-fi freak show because she used the bow ties as tentacles. Miranda’s look was too eighties and her pencil skirt was redundant. Jeremy’s look was perfectly constructed, but too matronly. The assumption is that Sue was about to be sent home. Jeremy would have gotten a pass for his matronly look due to his amazing construction and the distraction of his grandmother’s death. But who knows?

Tim stepped in and informed everyone that Sandro was MIA, which means he automatically eliminated himself and saved the bottom three from going home. And for some reason Miranda actually felt badly for him. What a whirlwind!

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. MsTrendy

    Thank you for the recap! I missed a few bits and pieces of the episode, but saw Sandro’s meltdown. I will not miss him. Miranda and Sue sure got luck!

  2. Glad Sandro has gone, he was a nasty piece. Will not miss him one bit

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