Project Runway Recap: ‘Can’t We All Just Get Along?’

This week on ‘Project Runway’ the designers used the HP Design Suite to make their own prints. After last season’s dramatic reveal of the adorable Mondo Guerra’s plus sign, I was on the edge of my seat to see what these designers would come up with.

Bert was chosen last for the team, probably because his peers had a feeling he would struggle with a fancy newfangled printing device. They were correct in their assumptions. It’s too bad that team “Nuts and Bolts” clock based theme really had the judges gears grinding. This is a classic example of taking a concept and making it too literal, thereby destroying it. Or was it pure bitchiness that destroyed this team?

“It was like a hooker convention coming home after a late night,” said Michael Kors.

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Let’s talk about Joshua M. He is handsome, he is fashionable and confident. He also treats people like complete garbage. He had the cojones to challenge Tim Gunn’s suggestions for his team’s terrible ensembles and that is pretty bold. Tim’s answer? “Quite frankly, you need to let your ego go.”

What happened next was a confusing series of Joshua M rude remarks about how he owns this town and he’s missed Thanksgiving & Christmas every year because he works in a bar. Then he started into a complete emotional breakdown that came out of left field. Apparently, his mom passed away and he was unable to leave New York to attend her funeral. I did have some semblance of remorse for the dude while he was bawling with snot coming out of every orifice, but just when some actual sympathy was growing, he went off on Becky Ross again.

Becky, it’s not about having fun,” said Joshua M.

Hey Satan, lay off the sad, pathetic old lady already! Your father sure seemed nice on the phone. Maybe you should take a hint from good ol’ Dad, aggro!

Luckily, there are some amazingly talented designers on team “Chaos”, which was not chaotic at all, but collaborated like clock work. Olivier’s perfectly tailored blazer gave Michael Kors the major ‘O’ face, which is pretty impressive when you consider who Kors’ sleeps next to every night. Viktor’s gown was a flowing masterpiece and Anthony Ryan’s print design with the paintbrush aesthetic was absolutely stunning. In the end Anya won because people like her and she had Bryce’s vote. I don’t think his red top was bad news, but it simply paled in comparison to his teammates’ work. Altogether their collection made this episode an absolute treat to witness. It brought me back to the old days, when ‘Project Runway’ was about the designs over the drama.

They obviously could not send Joshua M home because he does have a knack for pulling things off. And even though I felt bad for Becky, she was boring and weepy and needing to go home. Time marches on!