‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Oh My Lord And Taylor’

Gunn & Kors Team Up
Michael & Tim Create A Challenge Together
This week’s challenge involved the designers creating a look for Lord And Taylor that would be featured alongside past season winners of the cocktail dress challenges. The winning dress would also be featured in the window of Lord And Taylor on 5th Avenue in New York as well as appear in their online collection. Looking at all of the past dresses reminded me that just because someone wins an individual challenge, doesn’t mean they will take the cake. Point in case being Bert from last season.

Immediately, the girls start freaking out while the guys stay calm cool and collected. The girls are going more edgy while the guys are staying very feminine. I think the girls wants to keep their point of view and their aesthetic, wherein the guys feel more freedom to explore. Either way, the girls are crumbling under the pressure and it’s not a pretty sight.

Elena the mentally unstable, has yet another angry spat followed by a psychotic breakdown. Tim tells her that her style isn’t mainstream enough to sell and she freaks. Sonjia starts bawling when her model can’t get into her dress as they scoot off to the runway. Melissa starts bawling because her fabric isn’t sitting right and has pocketed seams.

Ven is still a douche nozzle and says that women suck as designers. I’m paraphrasing him of course. Dimitry seems a little more accurate, but still dramatic in his statements. The three safe designers are Sonjia, Dimitry, and Ven.

The top four designers are Chris, Fabio, Melissa, and Elena. Although Chris did a repeat on his shred technique the judges loved his with his flowing blush colored gown. Fabio’s gown was versatile and worked well for a commercial collection. Elena started bawling again when the judges told her that she was in the top four. Heidi told her not to question herself so much.

Melissa’s dress was my personal favorite. It was edgy enough to claim high fashion, but conservative enough to sell well in commercial. I loved the top of the bodice and felt like it translated so well. However, Chris’ blushing gown was the winner of the challenge.

The bottom two, Gunner and Alicia, were not sent home and were given a second chance. Gunner’s dress was bland and had been seen too many times before. Alicia’s slightly missed the mark and wasn’t feminine enough. But neither of them were terrible so the judges didn’t eliminate anyone this week. I think Ven should have gone home, mostly because I can’t stand to look at another fabric rose or his bald head any longer.