‘Project Runway’ Recap: Michael Kors Introduces ‘Pleasure Me’ Pockets

Heidi On A Motorcycle
Klum Rides The Hog With Boyfriend Martin Kristen
It’s been established for awhile now that designer Ken is a whiny primadonna, but this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway showed how truly unstable he has become. Past judge Michael Kors stopped by to give his clever quips concerning the designers’ work and we all realized how much we’ve missed him.

The designers were awoken by an adorable Tim Gunn dressed as a referee and blowing a sports whistle. They met at an obstacle course to compete in teams.

The designers were relieved to find out that the teams were only for the mini challenge and not for the actual challenge. Ken and Karen, Bradon and Alexander, Dom and Justin, Kate and Alexandria, and Jeremy and Helen were how the teams were split. Because Dom and Justin won the obstacle course race, they each gained an extra hour of design time in the work room.

Because Heidi Klum has her hands in a million money pots these days, she enlisted the designers to help create a new look for her exercise line for New Balance. The winning designer’s look would be included in the new collection. The designers had to choose from fabrics that were already approved for Klum’s collection.

Instead of a critique by Gunn as per usual, Heidi came by the work room to see everyone’s work. She was excited about nearly everyone’s ideas, but did not like where Karen was going and thought it resembled an alien outfit. Karen panicked and started over completely even though she only had four more hours left in the work day. Ken decided to scrap his idea as well even though Klum wasn’t too hard on him.

When the designers came back to the work room they noticed that their mannequins were wearing samples from Heidi’s collection. Tim made sure to let them know that they weren’t to use the samples for the fabric or materials. Helen pulled Tim aside and asked if she could reference the pants on her mannequin to get the right fit and he said that was a great idea. Ken asked her what she had talked to Tim about and she told him she’d rather not say. Ken then proceeded to lose his shit and drop a few F-bombs at Helen. She called him Sandro 2, which was hilarious. Then she tattled to Tim because she clearly can’t fight her own battles. Tim smoothed things out and Ken apologized.

Just before the runway Helen is scrambling to finish some loose fitting pants and a top when her model decides to give her design advice. Stick to what you know model and walk your know-it-all-butt down the runway! Helen knew she was in trouble and didn’t need anyone else to rub it in.

Kate’s outfit was based off her younger brother’s love for motocross. Her jacket was wonderful and the execution excellent. Bradon’s outfit had great piping. Alexandria designed black ‘poopy pants’ even though she had already used that design a couple week’s ago. Helen created a black mesh jacket that was easy going and fun. Justin created the only pair of shorts and even though he was worried about his model’s cheeks hanging out the bottom, it looked nice. Dom did her usual nice work, but nothing memorable.

The top three were Alexander, who didn’t even use a side seam for his pants and impressed both his fellow designers as well as the judges, Kate, and Helen. The bottom three were Alexandria, Ken, for his boring scuba suit look, and Karen for her loose fitting look. Because Nina Garcia loved Helen’s jacket so very much, it was chosen over Kate’s as the winning look. In my opinion, Kate’s was much more exciting and fitting for new workout wear.

Michael Kors said that Alexandria’s pockets were too close to the crotch and resembled ‘pleasure me pockets’. He also hated the poopy pants look as did Zac Posen. The team felt badly for Karen, but Heidi was glad she at least got rid of her alien outfit. Ken’s look wasn’t flattering to the body, was very typical, and unoriginal. In the end, the judges sent Karen home for her bore of an outfit although Ken deserved it just as much. He has been in the bottom a lot lately and for all his bitching and moaning in the work room his designs aren’t anything impressive in the least.