‘Project Runway’ Recap: Ken’s Drama Queen Tantrum Annoys Tim Gunn

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For the latest episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway the producers selected eight super fans to get makeovers!

The designers were given two days for a challenge which had them designing runway looks that would make their clients glow with pride.

We’ve been dealing with a lot of unnecessary drama from Ken lately, but this episode really showed him losing his shit for real. Even Tim Gunn was utterly perplexed and even seemed super annoyed with the dude.

Ken was paired up with a sweet lady with red curly hair. She selected some green fabric from Mood which he claimed he wasn’t too psyched on, but honestly how many times has Ken chosen some wretched looking fabrics and colors? He made her a simple green dress with black leather stripes on the front.

Justin was paired up with a woman who is Mormon and wanted her dress to remain modest. He was very accommodating and made her a sweet little black dress with three quarter sleaves and a silver embroidered signature in her handwriting down the front.

Kate and Helen both designed very girly and flattering looks for their women. Helen’s client was very frumpy and plain, but with a new short hair cut and a beautifully draped navy blue strapless gown she looked stunning.

Alexandria tried to create a professional look for her twenty-year-old client to go on internships and interviews, but it ended up frumpy and boring. Dom chose a whacky art deco pattern for her woman’s dress which landed her in the middle. Bradon had a lady who he claimed didn’t need a makeover and she did indeed seem the most put together of the superfans, but her new haircut was a high fashion improvement. He created a black dress with a short sleeved jacket over the top which was edgy and fun.

The winner of the challenge was Helen who truly deserved it. Even though Helen has been doing good here and there, she is also hit or miss. Kate seems like a girl to watch out for as she designs great pieces time and time again. I’m surprised they haven’t named her the winner more often.

Alexander bit off more than he could chew for his gal. He wanted to create a fitted professional business suit, but ran out of time and didn’t finish it the way he had hoped. It was oddly designed. This landed him in the bottom two with Ken by his side. This was especially awkward because he and Ken had a major run in the night before when the staff made Bradon and Alexander move into Ken and Justin’s room.

As Alexander was trying to enter, Ken was standing in the doorway with a some type of face treatment cream on and was ironing some clothes. Alexander teased him about getting out of the way, but Ken was such a bitch about it that Alexander smashed his way through and pushed the iron onto the floor. That was pretty childish, but it didn’t light a candle to Ken’s meltdown with one of the staff members who kindly asked him to calm down. Tim reviewed the footage and was appalled by Ken’s anger issues. He let him know that he would have his own room and the other three men would be in a room together.

Everyone was pretty annoyed with Ken so when he lost and was sent home, no one batted an eyelash. He awkwardly hugged a few people, but Tim Gunn didn’t give any of his usual kind compliments to Ken as he regularly does the other parting designers. Ken walked out without saying goodbye to Tim. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out Ken!