‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘It’s My Way On The Runway’

Heidi's Adorable Commercial
Klum Sports Some Jordache Jeans, Shows Off Legs
There are a few things you need to know about the latest episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway: this season is not so much about fashion as it is about the ridiculousness of human drama. This show has had its super stars throughout the years, but this season the casting director seemed to create a complete shit storm for the folks at home to watch unfold. With that being said, it’s pretty freaking hilarious.

Nina Garcia announced to the designers that this week would be a team challenge. Yay! Designers love team challenges right? No. Everyone immediately started flipping out. The teams were to create a fashion capsule collection that would be featured in Marie Claire at Work. What could possibly go wrong?

Raul, like the sad sap that he is, was chosen last. The teams consisted of Sonjia, Elena, Melissa, Dmitry, Alicia, and Raul, who was extremely bummed that Chris didn’t pick him because he said they connected so well. And the other team was made up of Nathan, Ven, Chris, Fabio, and Gunnar.

To give you the short version of what happened, Elena completely lost her shit. She immediately started in on each and every one of her teammates. She tore into Dimitry about his choice of navy blue. Oh the horror! Dimitry explained that Elena is a designer that everyone hates. Duly noted. He also let the audience know that he thinks Ven is a “one trick pony”. Obviously, it is because Ven is the only one he feels threatened by or is comparable to him and he knows it.

During the photo shoot for Marie Claire at Work, Elena began to wage world war three. The models sucked. The photographers sucked. The hairdressers sucked. And Melissa sucked even harder. Elena is insane.

During judging, the other team was criticized for their odd styling, especially Nathan’s pantsuit number from the 70’s. Then Gunner’s dress was torn apart by Heidi Klum due its sad boobs. Chris’ look was a judge favorite because he remixed the pattern by shredding the fabric. Ven did indeed design that same top with a petal look, but it was nice.

Elena’s team did something a little more complicated, they split the pieces into separates and everyone shared the design for each look. Melissa designed a really neat dress that didn’t look super appropriate for the workplace, but still screamed original. Thank  the Lord that Raul was working with Sonjia or their look would have been a disaster. And of course, Elena had to add her wacky fencing shoulders to her look with partner Alicia. Dimitry’s look was impeccable and should have won over Melissa’s crazy electric blue dress. It was colored blocked, seamed well, and constructed impeccably with a keyhole back. team 6 won the Marie Claire challenge because their work was better translated for the photo shoot.

In the end, Gunner and Raul were on the chopping block, even though everyone reamed Elena a new asshole. Raul went home, again. Boo hoo.