‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘It’s Fashion Baby’

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Now that Ven is finally gone, we only have six designers left and things are getting more and more challenging for the best of the lot. Heidi Klum introduces her collection for Babies-R-Us called Truly Scrumptious and asks the designers to meet up with moms and their babies to create a winning look that is both fashionable and versatile.

Chris is paired up with a particularly picky mom who doesn’t like anything he creates. Tim Gunn asks the designers to create a companion piece to the baby outfits for each of the mothers. Chris buys Oscar de la Renta print fabric from Mood and the mother isn’t into it. Is she crazy? But that isn’t the least of everyone’s worries.

Each designer has also been given a baby doll that cries, reacts, and simulates an actual baby. They must take care of these fake babies while designing the two pieces and take them home at the end of the night in their apartments at Atlas. Dimitry, who continues to be my favorite designer for both his hilarious commentary and his impeccable design skill says, “I woke up this morning and forgot that I’m a father.”

Luckily, Tim saves the designers by finally taking those screaming baby dolls away. Elena creates an adorable jacket with a plastid collar, but has trouble completing the look, which seems sloppy. Fabio creates a navy inspired look for a little boy which has the illusion of being separates, but is actually a one piece. Michael Kors liked this look especially.

Hillary Duff was a guest judge and really loved Christopher’s look for his baby. The white dress with flower appliqués was super adorable and was paired with a denim white jacket. All the judges loved the Oscar de la Renta print by the way. Dimitry created a very European edgy look for both baby and mom, which I loved. The baby wore a red jumpsuit with a whimsical hood that zipped down into a cap. The mom looked straight up MILF in a gray dress with peek-a-boo red detailing.

Sonjia had an adorable little gray mini suit for her baby boy, but it was versatile and flexible so both mom and baby could have more fun mixing and matching or playing. All of the judges loved hers and named her the winner of the challenge. But they also named Chris a winner of the challenge, I’m assuming to have both a girl and boy piece to equal out the collection.

Melissa also struggled alongside Elena with a dress that was rouged on the sides and didn’t compliment the baby’s figure. It showed off the diaper. Ultimately though, the judges have been struggling to see Elena’s point of view for sometime and finally sent her home. I will miss Elena though, because she was a raging ball of anger and hilarity. I wouldn’t mind grabbing a drink with her sometime.