‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘It’s All About Me’

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If Lifetime’s Project Runway wanted to top season eight’s pattern wow moment, it would be next to impossible. Mondo Guerra served as guest judge this episode, alongside his cast-mate Anya who won season eight. During his HP textile challenge, he revealed his HIV positive status and his trouser pant with plus signs was beyond mind blowing.

Tim Gunn gave the designers a wonderful gift by surprising them with a visit from a member of their family. In recent episodes, Elena has been an absolute nightmare to work with, but upon seeing her mother from the Ukraine she became a ray of sunshine.

Gunner got a visit from his mom who recently moved to Florida. Sonjia also saw her mother. Ven’s sister showed up and Dimitry’s childhood friend him a visit. Melissa also reunited with her mother.

Chris had a particularly terrible time with this challenge and couldn’t get an idea of what type of textile he wanted. He finally settled on a lady bug and heart combo. It didn’t translate and so he covered it with black organza, making a terrible prom dress.

Ven made a habiscus flower and parked it with a white strapless mini dress. Tim immediately let him know that it looked like “an homage to a menstrual cycle”. Ven was horrified and in turn he designed his same fanning technique on the skirt.

Fabio made a pattern that was androgynous and his model looked very chic. This kept him safe. Melissa made a gorgeous red patterned dress that Michael Kors pinned as Park Avenue-esque.

Dimitry made a jacket of epic proportions. It copied his patterned blouse with red, white, and black geometric shapes and then showcased them floating. It was a stellar effort and he was awarded with the challenge win. Sonjia had an amazing set of trousers and a beautiful black blouse with a draped v-neck back, but came in second.

Heidi Klum was so perplexed by Ven’s ensemble which she dubbed Hawaiian Air Hostess, that she actually requested that Tim come to advise them on the matter. Tim was quite grim and did not seem pleased when the judges decided to give Ven a second chance and sent Gunner home instead.

Gunner’s pattern was very Miu Miu reminiscent, but the judges couldn’t get past his terribly shaped jacket. It was a shame and I wish Ven would have gone home.