‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘In A Place Far, Far Away’

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At the beginning of the latest episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, Heidi Klum wore a knock out dress which made her boobs look amazing. That alone should tell you how fabulous things were as the challenge was introduced. The designers met at a castle on Long Island where Tim Gunn told them to design avant-garde looks to compliment L’Oreal’s limited edition makeup.

The color pallets included an enchanted queen with blacks and berry colors, a seductive temptress with golds and greens, a wise mystic with violets and blues, and an artsy muse with bold corals and pastels. Chris and Fabio both designed for enchanted queen, Sonjia designed for seductive temptress, Melissa for artsy muse, and Dimitry for wise mystic. What they came up with was out of this world.

Sonjia had a rough start when she lost five yards of gold fabric. But she made it work by using emerald green and flesh colored fabrics. Tim was not impressed with her design ideas and warned her that it could be her downfall.

Fabio created a red jacket that could be reversed to show off two different shoulder structures. He designed a black gown underneath with a black pair of boy shorts. Heidi did not like Fabio’s design, but Michael Kors and Nina Garcia loved the avant-garde design.

Chris created a very interesting gown with hip structures and feathered arm pieces. The back of the dress was beautiful and formed a V of feathers. All designers agreed that he over designed it, but were impressed that he took a risk.

Melissa made an amazing set of separates that featured a bold electric blue leather vest with a high collar and a patterned skirt with a pop of red. All of the designers seemed to love it, but Heidi wasn’t as enthusiastic. Guest judge Zoe Saldana loved the look and called it “impeccable”.

Dimitry made an insane suit dress with high shoulders and intricate cut outs on the thighs. In my opinion, his design technique and tailoring is heads and tails above the other designers. It looked flawless and the judges agreed. They awarded him the challenge win.

When it came down to it, the judges had a hard time deciding who to send to fashion week. They kept Chris and Melissa alongside Dimitry and then gave Fabio a chance based on his avant-garde style all throughout the season. In the end, Sonjia had to leave. I would have loved to see a collection from her, but someone had to go. I can’t wait to see what these designers come up with next.