‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘He Said, She Said’

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For this week’s challenge on Lifetime’s Project Runway, dapper gentleman Tim Gunn had the designers meet at Lord & Taylor to split into new teams which the judges had decided the week prior. They wanted to pair designers that would compliment and challenge one another.

The teams were Samantha, Richard, and Layana then Michelle and Daniel and last were Stanley and Patricia. The designers were asked to create looks inspired by the Lord & Taylor rose theme, keep the production cost of the pieces under $250 retail, and make sure they were representative of spring.

Daniel gravitated towards a hot pink that Michelle immediately began to bitch about. She dogged on his style as being too old and dated, then went to work on her black robot vest which would ring in the new spring season. Daniel actually cried because he was so hurt by the criticism of his color and style choice. Tim Gunn did question whether the jacket he made was too old and suggested he make a dress. He also told Michelle to nix her terrible black vest. Thank God.

This wasn’t the only drama that occurred between designers. Richard flat out refused to speak with Layana because she criticized him on the runway when their team was in the bottom last week. He was critical of Layana’s choice of a floral print and she wasn’t happy about his black and pink maxi dress.

Stanley was very controlling of Patricia and while she may have needed a bit of guidance, he wasn’t cutting her much slack. He created a very boring shift dress in a peachy coral, with little to no detail. Patricia created a coral and orange draped and flawy tank with fitted trouser capri pants. The judges were pleased enough with their team to grant them safety in the middle of the pack.

Samantha struggled to get the hem right at the last few moments before the runway. She decided to take a risk and put in a heart shaped cut out in the back. Daniel was worried about his dress, but pleased with the results.

The judges were very impressed with Michelle’s piece and named her the winner. Her bright chartreuse green colored mini dress was modern and sleek, but easy and effortless. She needs to thank Tim Gunn for telling her to get rid of that gawd awful vest. And perhaps the most frustrating thing about Michelle is that her ego will now grow even larger from this win, which may in turn make her more ruthless to her fellow competitors. For the record, the judges loved the color that Richard picked for his dress. His construction wasn’t their favorite, but the color was praised. So hopefully Michelle will shut up about not being a pink girl.

The bottom two were Richard and Samantha. Richard’s dress was easy and simple, but not really exciting or new. Samantha’s look was too junior and although it pushed the envelope and attempted to think outside the box it was overly complicated. Heidi did not like Samantha’s look and praised Richard’s look while Nina felt the exact opposite. In the end, the judges chose to send Samantha home. This was a colossal shame as she was so much more innovative and daring than Richard. Plus, now we’ll have to hear more whining on the part of Richard.