‘Project Runway’ Recap: Finale Part One

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The Show Celebrates 10 Seasons
After the amazing trips to Europe, these designers were ready for the next step. For their final challenge on Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers were given $10,000 each and three months to complete a 12 piece collection for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Tim Gunn visited each of them at their home towns to witness their progress.And nothing is more entertaining and fascinating than witnessing Tim Gunn step into regular everyday American homes and interact with common folk. It’s like watching a dog walk on its hind legs.

However, his first stop wasn’t anything less than amazing and certainly not ordinary.  In Taos, New Mexico Tim visited Patricia’s adorable Native American family in adobe homes. “I’m overwhelmed by my visit today,” said Tim as he met Patricia’s family and realized where she gets her inspiration from. Her home and her culture are all inspirations for her amazing textile designs. Tim was impressed with her collection thus far, but warned her not to create pieces that are too literal rather than interpretive.

Next up Tim visited Michelle in Portland, Oregon. Michelle was surprised when Tim expressed his fondness for her and the resilience she has had throughout the competition. Michelle’s collection had a lone wolf huntress theme that Tim thought worked well. She had many accessories which he thought was great, but warned that she may need to edit before showing the judges. Even though Michelle said she was a third of the way done, she admitted to the cameras later on that she still had a lot of work to do.

In Austin, Texas Tim met Daniel’s sister and friends before having dinner. Daniel showed Tim his inspiration of the cosmos and astrology as well as Salvador Dali’s works and things that he loved in Berlin. His color scheme was red, black, and white, but Tim was confused by a random addition of a light blue sweater that reminded him of a grandma. Daniel had some amazing looks already created.

For his last visit, Tim went to West Hollywood, California to meet up with Stanley, his partner, and his niece. Stanley had a lot of luxurious and glamorous pieces and ideas, but still wanted to create more. Tim told him that it was difficult because he will have to keep the taste level up. Tim also let him know that Stanley was the most intimidating to the other designers and that they found him to be their biggest competition. Stanley said he felt more like a dark horse than a stand out.

Back in New York, the designers were excited to see one another again. Daniel was nervous to see Michelle because they had a bit of a squabble when working together. Michelle was oblivious of this and surprised by his trepidation. Uh… hello Michelle, you’ve been a giant bitch to Daniel since day one. This scene made me think that Michelle doesn’t even realize how cruel and ruthless she can be. She admitted that she had missed Daniel.

The designers were then asked to choose three looks to represent their collection to the judges which would ultimately decide if they were to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Daniel chose three black looks and was paired with Samantha as an assistant. Stanley was still creating his looks and started to get frustrated with his assistant Richard for not being able to complete a leather jacket. Patricia was paired with Layana who is apparently pregnant and adorably so. Michelle prayed for Amanda as an assistant and her prayer was answered.

Michelle’s pieces were strong and had a lot of elements that Zac Posen said would make for a great commercial collection. She had bags, buckles, compasses, and straps as well as chaps and breast plates. The judges were impressed, although Nina felt that it could use some editing. Patricia’s three looks were a blue dress with a crazy hair piece, a cape with horse hair and black pants, and a dress with a feather pattern printed on the silk. The judges hated the silk look but praised Patricia for her originality.

The judges were not impressed with Daniel’s pieces as they were all black and boring. Heidi called Daniel and Stanley the snooze brothers. Stanley’s pieces were impeccable and glamorous, but very old looking and needed proper tailoring to make them appear young. Ultimately the judges were more impressed with Stanley’s looks than with Daniel’s and they sent Daniel home.

Why he didn’t include the amazing black leather jacket he had shown Tim while in Austin we do not know. Or why he didn’t include some of his pops of red or white is unclear. Someone should have been there to guide him, but alas onto fashion week!