‘Project Runway’ Recap: Finale Part 2

Scenes From Season 10
These Designers Showed More Drama Than Ever Before
In Project Runway’s tenth season finale, the remaining four designers were put to the ultimate test and the pressure was on. Chris was brow beat during last week’s judging of the three looks because Nina Garcia thought his print was great, but his models were dressed too skimpy. If someone in fashion tells you that your models are too skimpy, then you better check yo-self sir.

Fabio was told that his collection needed to luxe it up a bit, but the judges loved his concept and design. Melissa’s leather jacket was literally hacked by the judges, who thought the cuffed sleeves weren’t cutting it. She ripped those suckers off and cleaned it up, which the judges praised her for at the after runway judging. But then there was Dimitry.

Dimitry’s pieces were already flawless,but merely needed the right styling to make them work. A tweed and leather fringed jacket he made looked too bulky with several layers underneath. He made sure to follow the judges advice for fashion week.

Chris began having a mental breakdown and continued to create more pieces instead of focusing on the ones he already had. This was pretty sad to watch. It reminded me of when Mondo Guerra went through an end of season slump during the last All Stars installment. Chris has been an impeccable designer throughout this competition, but the runway show was so much pressure for him and he began to crumble before our eyes. It was certainly a bummer and even Tim Gunn got on his case, trying to motivate him.

The runway show began and yet again, Heidi Klum’s boobs looked amazing in a deep cut cleavage revealing gold gown. The guest judge for the finale was the adorable Jennifer Hudson. The first to come down the runway was Chris and his collection was beautiful. He panicked because his eggplant colored mermaid gown had too many layers for his models and just started ripping and snipping off fabric right before sending her down the line.

It was truly adorable watching Christopher’s boyfriend cheer him on during his runway show. The pieces were wonderful. Michael Kors loved the distressed bleached leather and all the judges loved his print. He was the only one who used print. However, his collection was all over the place and didn’t have the cohesion of the other designers, so he was eliminated first.

Melissa’s collection was completed with a blood orange dress that wowed everyone watching. She made this final piece using the last three hours of prep time. She made the white leather jacket flawless, just like the judges had asked and her pieces were fierce and memorable. Her collection was very dark, which is sort of her signature. She was eliminated second, which is a shame because she worked about three hundred times harder than Anya from last season, who draped some sheets on her models and somehow won over Josh.

That brings us to Fabio. His collection was a “breath of fresh air” in comparison to the other designers’ collections. He used whites and pastels to create his theme of “cosmic tribalism” and he styled his models in androgynous ways, having them use those clunky Jeffrey Campbell laced boots. The judges were very proud of him and so impressed by his ability to create such an amazing collection.

The final two designers were Fabio and Dimitry. The judges really had a tough choice ahead of them because as expected, Dimitry’s collection was flawless. And he kicked it all up a notch by making sure to style his famous leather fringe jacket with some sleek harem pants. He made sure to make his models look as young as possible, by styling their hair with silver leafing. His use of neon green in between black and white worked well and the judges swooned. The only problem was that Jennifer Hudson realized Dimitry’s talent and noted that he will make it in the industry no matter what, whereas Fabio could use the boost to help him get started.

In the end, it was clear who the hardest worker was. During this process, audiences get the chance to watch people grow and shape themselves into better designers. But it was clear that Dimitry was born ready for this role and not a feather was ruffled over even the most stressful parts of the competition. He can sew perfectly. He manages his time like a boss. He will go far in the industry. And the judges agreed, naming him the winner of season ten’s Project Runway. Dimitry, almost shed a misty waif of a Russian tear, almost. Michael Kors called him a gentleman, which was clear to all who witnessed Dimitry’s calm reserve. Congrats Dimitry!