‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Finale Part 1′

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Other than the amazing collections we get to see from the designers on the Finale Part One of Lifetime’s Project Runway, this episode is always a treat because  at each home visit Tim Gunn rocks a different ensembled suit. Heidi Klum made her appearance prior to letting the designers go home and let them know they have $9,000 and only 5 weeks to create a solid collection. One person is not guaranteed a spot in the final three. Girl was working that black 1920’s era dress!

So first, Tim was off to Massapequa, New York to check on Christopher in a fabulous red blazer. Chris used his mom’s spinal x-ray as a print for his fabric and it translated really well. Tim told Chris to toughen up the leather bustier and fix the sweetheart neckline. Tim also liked the bleach effect used on a leather mimi skirt. “You should feel great about where you are,” Tim said, “You have me extremely excited.”

Then it was off to the kitchen to going Christopher’s family for brunch. “This looks so very … caloric,” Tim says. Can you imagine Tim Gunn at your house? Or even worse, at your parent’s house? It would be so awkward. He definitely stands out in comparison with regular people. Seeing that juxtaposition is fab-u-lous.

Next up, Tim visited Fabio and his absolutely swoon worthy adorable boyfriend Jason. Young love is so inspiring. Tim was shocked at the location and quality of Fabio’s workspace, which a friend was letting him use. Fabio called his pastel colored drapery collection, ‘Cosmic Tribalism’ with elements of ‘Priestess or any number of women’. Tim was pleased at first, but then started to notice things that concerned him. “I’m really captivated. I’m mystified by this pant. It looks like a long john. I’m baffled and confused. Where is the innovation?”

Then Tim made his way to Jersey City to visit Dimitry in a black and white checkered blazer. Dimitry was staying at a friend’s place while they are living in Spain. And for the third time this episode, we got to watch Tim Gunn eat something and drink some more tea. I have no idea why this is so fascinating for me as a viewer, but it’s like watching a dog walk on its hind legs. Tim Gunn eats food? More importantly however, was the fact that Dimitry’s collection was utterly flawless. Yeah, Tim didn’t like the extreme neon green punch color paired with the black and white, but overall he was very impressed.

Last on the list was a visit to San Francisco to see Melissa. Tim was happy with her collection and didn’t had much to critique. “You have an aura about you that says, ‘I know what I’m doing and I stand behind this’.” Then it was off on a boat ride where Tim spoke with Melissa’s boyfriend and parents about her childhood ambitions. Boring, sorry Melissa.

Finally, the designers met back up in NYC for fashion week at this swanky ridiculous Austin Powers-esque hotel that seems like a place where Michael Fassbender would have romping sex with a prostitute up against the floor to ceiling windows. Way to keep it classy Project Runway!

Tim tells the designers in their new work room that they’re going to be presenting three looks to the judges. “Be your best and show your range,” he said. Melissa becomes worried that her collection isn’t up to par with the other designers, but Tim says that no one else could have created what she has created. This made her feel better. Her collection is named, ‘Obsidian’. In other words, Melissa likes black. Shocker.

The judges were impressed with both Fabio and Dimitry, but Nina thinks that Fabio needs to make his collection much more sophisticated. Dimitry’s collection was inspired by architecture and Nina was very pleased. “It looks polished. It looks expensive,” she said. Heidi thinks Chris doesn’t have any major major wow pieces because he didn’t. He was freaking out about what to send the models down the runway in and decided upon two pairs of daisy dukes and some waif like tank tops.

Heidi loved the black and white jacket in Melissa’s collection, but wished she could have seen more. She was upset that Melissa didn’t show her best three pieces because she was saving them for the runway show. “The dress was too simple.”

However, in yet another bullshit move that happens nearly every season, all the designers were invited to fashion week and have two more days to reorganize. I think Christopher should have gotten the boot, but I’m pretty cruel like that. I felt the same way about Anya from last season, who came to NYC after 5 weeks with nothing but bedsheets to drape onto models. And she ended up winning the whole damned thing. So I guess it really doesn’t matter what we think. Christopher has been making solid pieces for the entire season, but really dropped the ball here. I thought Fabio would be the one to choke, but he rocked it. I can’t wait to see who wins next week!