‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Europe, Here We Come’

In this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway viewers were still wondering what was going to happen to Michelle who was given a ‘do or die’ second chance at the runway. Rather than sending her home, Heidi Klum gathered all the designers together to let them know that they were going to Europe to get fashion inspiration while Michelle would stay in New York.

Daniel had never been to Europe and was emotional when they announced he was going to Berlin. He was accompanied by Amanda. Layana went to Barcelona accompanied by Samantha. Stanley went to London accompanied by Richard. And Patricia went to Paris accompanied by Kate. Michelle was given Tu as her sewing partner.

In Germany, Daniel and Amanda enjoyed the architecture and when they began to sketch Amanda saw a change in Daniel. He began to design a very young looking outfit and Amanda was excited for him. However, when they went to the fabric store there was no leather or silk so they opted for white pleather for the jacket. It was a make it work moment!

In Paris, Patricia was also very emotional and excited as she viewed the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the graffiti art along the city streets. Patricia wanted to use the graffiti as inspiration. When the girls went to the fabric store they were overwhelmed by the French language barrier and overspent on fabric. Patricia was having a stressful time as the Parisian store manager started snatching back several fabrics without allowing her to choose. Luckily, it turned out and she procured the fabric she desired.

In London, Stanley had no trouble at all getting inspiration from Ben Ben and Westminster Abbey. He and Richard seemed to have a wonderful time and no trouble at all in the fabric store. In Barcelona, Layana was really excited about the architecture and the amazing patterns along the buildings. She snapped a few photos of her favorite inspirations before heading off to the fabric store where she and Samantha were surprised to find that they had to cut their own fabric.

Meanwhile back in New York City, Michelle and Tu took a bus tour around the city where they found plenty of inspiration. Michelle loved the paint on older buildings from old furnaces and adjacent buildings. She made sure to take photos for her design. When the designers returned from Europe they were all filled with glee. Michelle sat and pouted in the corner that she hadn’t been able to travel.

Here is where I have a really big problem with Michelle. At the beginning of this season she was actually one of my favorite designers and I loved her ideas and innovation. But when I witnessed how catty and just plain vindictive she was towards her fellow designers, even those like Daniel who are undeserving of such behavior, I was no longer a fan. When the designers came back from Europe Daniel attempted to give Michelle a hug in which she grimaced away and demanded not to be touched. Granted, it sucks that she wasn’t included but it was to her own detriment as she did not listen to Nina Garcia in the last challenge and blatantly disregarded the no pants and t-shirt rule. Michelle needs to get over herself.

Naturally, when Daniel started making his thigh high boots to go with his black dress and white jacket, Michelle thought they were ugly. She always bags on Daniel and it bothers me. How can anyone hate Daniel? Good grief! Luckily for Daniel that catty talk wasn’t necessary as his jacket was flawless and his dress was amazing. The judges loved how he perfectly captured Berlin and Heidi said she would wear the entire outfit. Eat it Michelle!

Patricia created a textile in which she layered several colors of fabric under white chiffon, her favorite thing ever. Then she made the sleeves bold and large with a black leather collar. She completed the look with black cigarette pants. She was going to create a dress to go under the top, but Tim Gunn advised against it. All of the judges except Heidi did not get the idea at all. But Heidi fought for Patricia as her designs are so original.

Layana created a black and white jacket with lace and piping that created the architecture design she was inspired by in Barcelona. Then she had Samantha create a pink blouse with loose sleeves to stick out of the jacket cuffs. The judges found the look to be old and odd, not young and new like they were expecting from Layana. She stood by her jacket regardless of their criticism.

Stanley created a fitted black dress with a zipper down the back. Then he added sequined fabric on the inside of the dress which peaked through the back when the model walked. He topped the look off with a caplet. The judges loved this look and praised Stanley’s capturing of the London vibe.

Michelle bought expensive cashmere wool to create a strapless dress and then finished it off with a leather breast plate. The judges loved this look as well and praised her for redeeming herself. Michelle took fabric paint to create an ombre effect from the bottom of the dress upward. Heidi said it looked a little dirty, but that she could see the NYC inspiration.

The judges had a difficult time deciding who to send to fashion week. Heidi fought for Patricia over Layana while Nina wasn’t into the idea. In the end, they sent Stanley, Michelle, and Daniel to fashion week and sent Layana home while giving Patricia another chance.