‘Project Runway’ Recap: Dita Von Teese Critiques Abstract Dresses On ‘Rock The Wedding’

Chelsi Archibald | August 29, 2014 - 3:00 pm

Dita In 3D
Von Teese Shows Off Her Black 3D Print Dress
Someone just got hit with some shade!

On this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, fan-chosen returning designer Amanda was feeling pretty confident about her two challenge wins until critical Korina told her that she thought she is a “phony”. Charketa chimed in also, telling Amanda to stop winning because she is taking the opportunity away from the other designers. Major Shade!

Dita Von Teese graced everyone with her impeccable and genteel presence, essentially taking their breath away. The challenge was inspired by Dita’s unforgettable purple Vivianne Westwood wedding gown.

So naturally, when Tim Gunn announced that the challenge would be to create a wedding dress with a paired reception look and then split the designers into teams, Amanda and Korina ended up together. The teams had $400 and two days to create the two looks and there were very little rules in terms of style or color.

Amanda designed a short, flirty white dress with graphic triangle fringe in black. Korina made a white tuxedo jacket and pant, but was struggling on time. Amanda decided to cut and sew the pant for her, but didn’t know the size of Korina’s model very well and made them a bit small. The two had to sew the model into the pant and were very worried that Korina may go home, but wound up safely in the middle.

Chaketa and Sandhya were paired. Sandhya insisted upon using a very shocking yellow color even though Char had reservations and wanted something a little more mellow and sweet. Sandhya braided the corset, but didn’t have time to drape the skirt very well and it looked terribly unfinished. Char had trouble darting the leather bust and wasn’t too happy about Sandhya trying to school her, but she endured everything gracefully.

Samantha and Alexander were paired. They went with ox-blood colored lace and then added embellishment applique. Alexander was concerned about covering all of his model’s privates because last week her butt cheeks were out for the world to see. Samantha designed a mini dress for the reception, but dipped the bottom in dye to create an ombre effect, but this wasn’t very well received by the judges who thought it looked like a wine stain.

And Emily and Fade worked together. Emily designed a lace gothic style black wedding gown with a hood similar to something Lady Gaga wore in her Alejandro music video. Fade took the lace and another fabric, using a painting technique to make it appear like leather. The judges were very impressed with Fade’s idea, but had questions about Emily’s sad vampire look. Dita said she wouldn’t wear either of these looks (probably because the design dated beyond 1949).

Kini and Sean were paired and made a wonderful team. Kini did what he does best by creating his look within hours and making it look impeccable. The two decided to focus on a gay wedding. Kini’s dress had a tuxedo top and a huge structured ruffle skirt all in navy blue. Sean created a tuxedo pant and with Tim Gunn’s suggestion, added a cummerbund. Sean’s top was a flowing white blouse with a deep v-neck. The judges loved both of these looks and Dita said she would love to wear them.

Even though the designers asked Sean who deserved to win and he said Kini and even though Heidi also felt that Kini deserved it more, they chose Sean as the winner. Little did they know that Kini actually made the blouse of Sean’s look and did most of the work. Poor Kini. Hopefully he will be rewarded for his talent soon.

The judges hated both Charketa and Sandhya’s looks. And even though it seemed like Char was a victim of Sandhya’s eccentric choice in fabric and style, she was sent home. Tim actually cried when he came in to bid her adeu. And he said that if it had been further along in the competition he would have used his save. Tim is the sweetest!

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