‘Project Runway’ Recap: Designers Finally Go Solo

Heidi Flexes Her Muscles
Klum Promotes New Balance At Lady Foot Locker
After last week’s debacle the designers were down to five on Lifetime’s Project Runway which left Heidi Klum no choice but to give them some good news. They would each be designing on their own from this point forward.

All of them were ecstatic until Tim Gunn revealed that they would have assistants that would work on their individual teams. It turned out to be designers who had been sacked and not everyone was happy with their pairing.

Before they could meet their sewing partner, Tim took them to the Hearst Building where Nina Garcia was waiting to give them their challenge. They were to design an editorial look that would be featured in Marie Claire magazine and be worn by Jordana Brewster, star of Dallas, Fast And The Furious, and the guest judge for this week. Nina laid out a few grounds rules, but not everyone followed them.

She asked for bold colors, bold designs, bold fabrics, and bold ideas. Then she specifically stated that she did not want any red carpet looks or gowns. And she did not want a t-shirt and a pair of pants. She let the designers go to work in the building to sketch and get inspiration.

Stanley was paired with Tu and decided to create some culotte pants, a tank blouse, and a tight fitting leather jacket. He began ordering Tu around and getting on his case every which way, thereby disturbing his fellow designers and making himself look like an ass. Poor Tu did his best to keep up, but ultimately was yelled at by Stanley until the last minute.

Michelle was scared to wind up with Richard, but was paired with Amanda instead. These two love working together and so Michelle was in heaven. She designed a white blouse with green pants and the construction was perfect. However, because Michelle is Michelle she made sure to bag on everyone else’s design. She said Stanley’s jacket was a ‘turd color’. She made sure to comment that Daniel’s design was hideous and that she hated the yellow color he chose. As talented as Michelle is, she has really bummed me out this season by being so catty and bitchy towards everyone else. Your shit ain’t made of diamonds girl.

Layana was paired with Kate and was on cloud nine. She made a tank out of leather pieces held together by chain, which reflected the architecture of the Hearst Building. Then she paired the cobalt blue top with a flowing white skirt.

Daniel was paired with Samantha, which made me happy because Daniel gets the short end of the stick with his partners at times. Samantha seems to get him, respect him, and help him thrive. He created a structured blazer from canary yellow fabric and paired it with an adorable mini short. The top was a bit outlandish and crazy, a little to Lady Gaga-eqsue, but it fit the mold for an editorial fashion photo shoot.

Poor Patricia was left with Richard, who really didn’t seem pleased to be back and help her. As kind as she tried to be, she couldn’t hide the fact that she doesn’t trust Richard or his sewing skills. I wish she would have given him the jacket to do by himself and focused on the dress rather than teach Richard every step-by-step process to sewing silk organza. In the end she had to scrap her brilliant ideas and send a very simple, ill constructed dress down the runway.

Nina Garcia loved Stanley’s look because it was made up of three separate pieces which the stylists at Marie Claire could work with and was versatile and fashion forward. She also loved Layana’s cobalt leather tank. Even though Zac Posen bashed on Daniel’s yellow space age look and Heidi was slightly unimpressed with his execution, Nina said that it would be something the stylist would consider working with as it was unique and bold.

The judges were not impressed with Patricia’s look and seemed shocked that she has lost her touch. They understood the pairing with Richard hindered her performance and were reminded at how brilliant Patricia’s past work has been. They were not happy with Michelle who made a pair of pants and a t-shirt, just as Nina had warned not to do. Michelle’s cocky attitude seemed to play out in front of the judges because of her design choice. They recognized that Michelle’s aesthetic isn’t simple or minimalist and that she should have gone bold, but seemed to play it safe.

They allowed Patricia to be safe and were about to send Michelle home, but decided to give her a ‘do or die second chance’ which audiences were not allowed to see until next week. Michelle seemed pretty shocked and emotional, which is a nice wake up call from her usual attitude. It’s anyone’s guess if she proves herself and stays in the competition.