‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘Candy Couture’

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This week on Lifetime’s Project Runway, Kooan makes sure to tell us that he hates mornings, which explains his extreme bed hair. Lantie thought she was going home last week. She also states that she recently filed for bankruptcy and is starting over in life. It’s looking like a rough start thus far. The other girls feel like she should have gone home.

This week’s challenge does not impress Dimitri who says, “Kids and sweets? That’s not for me.” The location is Dylan’s Candy Bar. Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren. The designers are to create a look made out of candy. There are over 7,000 candies from around the world in this place. The budget is $250, but Dylan gives them 50% off. Tim tells them that will give them a total of $500 worth of candy! They will have 30 minutes to find what they need.

What the hell is Elena wearing during Heidi Klum’s intro? A burka? Blue haired Sonjia and Elena bash heads trying to find what they need. Now I understand why Elena wears protective head gear. “How much is a chocolate boyfriend?” says Christopher.

Christopher has immunity from last week’s win. Gunner and Christopher are still catty, but it might be some odd sexual tension. Or maybe that crazy-ass cackle Gunner is throwing out is turning Christopher off big time.

“This is a glue-the-shit-out-of-it moment!” says Tim to Fabio. Nothing is more joyous than when intellectual Tim Gunn uses curse words. The great Gunn is not pleased with Andrea’s button candy dress. It looks amateur and she might be throwing the challenge.

Kooan’s look is to candy as Lady Gaga’s dress is to sirloin steaks. Dimitri’s dress is a stunner and isn’t in the top three. What a rip off! Alicia’s green jumper was also amazing and didn’t wow the judges.

The bottom three: Buffy, who used too much paper on the skirt and over accessorized to death. “She looks like a five-year-old going to a birthday party.” Lantie, used umbrella fabric and ornamented it with a few bits of candy. Michael Kors was not buying it. Elena, whose pina colada licorice dress started to fall apart on the runway. Michael Kors says, “To me she just looks like Rigatoni Mad Max . . . Now her boobs are looking like old man’s eyes. The crotch looks like a mustache!”

The top three: Sonjia, who used gradients with the blues of gummy sharks and jelly beans. Ven, who made a dress reminiscent of stained glass window. Heidi thinks it is stunning and would totally wear it. Nina called it couture. Michael says that Ven understands women’s bodies. Gunner, by some insane miracle, also makes the top three. Heidi likes that he created a print with black and white licorice. Dylan says that she would display the dress in her candy store window.

Ven is the winner of this challenge and has immunity for next week. Sonjia takes a close second. Lantie goes home for her terrible fabric cop out. And you don’t talk back to Michael Kors!

Can we talk about how fab-ul-ous Nina Garcia ALWAYS looks? Hello! And there is nothing to make me appreciate having Heidi Klum back more than having to deal with second rate Angela Lindvall all season long for the All Stars. Klum is in the house.