‘Project Runway’ Recap: ‘A Sticky Situation’

Project Runway's 10th Year
The Show Celebrates A Decade Of Fabulousness
In the latest episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the ever lovely Heidi Klum walked onto the runway and surprised the designers with a very interesting guest, a duck! This challenge was sponsored by Duck Tape and the designers were asked by Tim Gunn to design a prom dress made entirely from the sticky tape.

There were 38 different designs of tape to choose from and the designers were to be judged by high schoolers which would make up 20% of their final score.

This week teams were split up into the following pairs: Stanley and Layana, Richard and Daniel, Amanda and Michelle, Kate and Tu, and finally Patricia and Samantha. Immediately, Kate started talking major smack on Amanda and Michelle who she thinks are major bitches. It’s not that we completely disagree with her, but Kate needs to look in the mirror before throwing out insults. She chose Tu specifically to control her team and make sure he would do all her dirty work.

Richard and Daniel really annoyed Layana by stealing all of the gold duck tape. Even Michelle thought this was a little rude, saying that the guys didn’t need 250 yards of duck tape. Instead, Layana chose black and white zebra print while Stanley designed a pleated skirt in black and white. Richard and Daniel designed a fitted gold dress with see through side panels, which were intricate and took two hours each to create.

Amanda and Michelle wanted to create something avante garde and punk rock. They created a giant pattern of black and red houndstooth. They also had a fancy full skirt and a bodice that was super dramatic. However, when they were being judged by the high school students, no one seemed to want to talk to them and they stood alone for awhile. Those that did talk to them were somewhat critical. This gave Amanda major anxiety.

Samantha was especially worried about Patricia’s process and created nearly three separate bodices in order to fit Patricia’s unique duck tape layered textile design. However, the effect was awesome and after they got it together the students responded well. The space aged, oddly shaped gown was a hit among the students and was voted their fan favorite.

Kate was very critical of others and wanted to keep her dress classy. She convinced Tu to keep the length long rather than short and then she tried to match up seams with the pattern of the duck tape. She chose a dark blue color and fitted the mermaid style gown to her model’s body before adding cut out laced patterns embellishments. She was pretty confident until Tim Gunn told her that he was worried about how it would translate.

Richard and Daniel were very confident in their piece and they decided to add gold ruffles to the bottom of their prom dress. When the judges saw the look, they were appalled. Nina Garcia absolutely hated it and even got into a little argument with Zac Posen aka Michael Kors junior.

The top designers were Amanda, Michelle, Stanley, and Layana. The winner was Michelle, and both her and Amanda realized that they finally broke each other’s curse of always being paired with a bad designer or landing in the bottom two. The bottom designers were Richard, Daniel, Kate, and Tu. The men got a tongue lashing, but were safe in the end.

It was down to Kate and Tu, who both were in the dog house. Kate took responsibility and said that she decided to make the dress long, something the judges lamented greatly. First, the judges sent Tu packing and Kate was very upset, but Tu told her to be happy. Then the surprising news occurred, Kate was also sent home. She was in shock and very upset. Unfortunately, that is the way this brutal fashion competition goes!