‘Project Runway’ Trips & Falls From ‘Off The Rack’

Heidi Klum outran someone on foot while wearing heels and Olivier ate some major turf!

This episode of Project Runway could not have been more dramatic unless someone had died. For Bert Keeter, the choice would have been easy to make in the form of Joshua M who he told to “drop dead”. And really, I don’t think anyone can blame him.

Joshua M and his creepy haircut are so over the top that his little ‘pops of color’ are enough to make someone feel electrocuted. But I guess this is an improvement over Danielle who said, “At least I was in the top of the bottom three.” Oh yeah, there is a vote of confidence. Also, I don’t think anyone even batted an eyelid when Cecelia whined her way out the front door. Don’t let it hit you on the way out girl.

“I never run unless someone is chasing me with a gun,” Viktor Luna

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Viktor ran his ass off, but he sure as heck didn’t face plant onto the track like Olivier with his ‘Ohio roots and his English accent that sometimes sounds Italian’. Seeing Tim Gunn on that track in blue jeans, saying things like, “Look at this! Look at Danielle! Oh God, look at Olivier! Oh, this looks bad.” I mean, it’s obviously reality TV gold.

When Heidi Klum walked in to critique the designer’s work and everyone said she was the toughest, all I could think of is how she handed Bert his ass running next to him in heels. And knowing this woman, she could have won this race while preggers if she wanted to. Heidi is sweet as pie. After last week’s episode I’d be running scared of Nina Garcia.

Let’s just face facts, Viktor Luna’s team killed it. That black moto jacket? Puhhhlease! It was such a bummer to see adorable Anthony Ryan give into the drama with Bert and then put out this terrible looking camel toe garment. Yuck! God, if we’ll ever hear the end of Joshua M semi winning a challenge just by snagging Anya and being a big bully. Honestly. I know that Becky Ross sounds a lot like Betsy Ross, but how cruel can you be Joshua M? When he said that his look was “urban and ethnic” what he meant to say was ‘Poor people tend to wear clothes with holes in them.’ Wow, he is about as genuine as his apology was to Becky.

I really think the dark horse in this competition is Kim. She has some tricks up her sleeve and she made Bryce better than ever. Oh and that anxiety fit Josh C is back, wringing his hands and wiping his face every 10 seconds. At least he made an okay pair of cigarette pants. At the very least. Of course, the producers made sure to throw out this little gem about Anthony Ryan to end the night,

“I haven’t probably gotten this pissed since I had cancer!”