Project Runway Recap: ‘Image Is Everything’

The group was given a challenge beyond their usual capacity on the latest episode of ‘Project Runway’. They were instructed to take a gritty, good looking rock band and give them an image. Too bad that image was a nightmare at best. Well, all except the adorable Heidi Klum attempting to ‘rock out’.

“He looks like Peter Brady at the harvest festival,” said Michael Kors.

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When the group split into teams Viktor and Olivier were first named, followed by Kimberley which brought a lot of smiles and then Joshua M joined, which seemed a bit wary. But he kept his drama together and didn’t eat anyone’s soul, so surprisingly it went well. He did get kinda-sorta caught talking smack on Olivier in the break room, but whatever.

The other team, who decided to call themselves ‘Harmony’, consisted of Anya, Bert, Laura and Anthony Ryan. Laura was all bummed out having Bert on her team until she went into a rich girl spending spree at Mood and Bert acted as her ‘daddy’, paying off her credit card bills. When Laura gave him that cute little pout and whimpered a bit, I had a feeling that she is an old pro at getting what she wants.

Then the disasters began to happen. The lead singer of ‘Sheepdogs’ was over 6 feet tall and pretty bad ass until Olivier and Bert got a hold of him. Olivier’s top was completely gross, but those pants sure did make lead guy’s junk look insane. In fact, was it just me or did all the dudes in this band have insane junk magnifying pants!

Speaking of junk emphasis, it wasn’t hard to notice Adam Lambert and Joshua M making eyes at one another. I know Adam is taken, but man that would be the hook up of all hook ups! I love that Lambert was discussing how crazy and non current this fashion is, when the dude is infamous for absolutely terrible outfits! He did giggle at Michael Kors’ ridiculous commentary, which made me fall in love with those blue eyes all over again. Le sigh!

Viktor is the man. That braided pleather jacket was off the hook! I love how Olivier bitched about time management and how difficult things were while Viktor just kicked all kinds of ass and took names. And by names I mean photoshoot in Rolling Stone magazine yo! If he doesn’t win, well then who knows!

I felt so badly for the ‘Sheepdogs’. I’m pretty sure they absolutely hated this and were talked into doing the show by their management because they will be featured in Rolling Stone. I was just cringing as they stood on the runway in these gawd awful get-ups. And I’m pretty sure all of them considered suicide as a way out of the awful disaster.

Anthony Ryan did well. He is definitely talented. Anya’s tunic was so sad and she is lucky they didn’t cart her butt off the runway. Kim didn’t deserve the criticism she received. I think Olivier’s bad attitude and negative talk with no results may have been his downfall. I think he is a better designer than Bert. How are the judges forgetting that kindergarten-shapes-glued-to-a-baggy-crotch disaster!? Good Lord.

In the end, Olivier’s Ohio roots with Italian Men’s Wear experience and random British accent weren’t enough to save him and he had to go. It’s a sheep dog eat sheep dog world out there folks and the designers are learning it the hard way!